Heroes and Demons

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 1, episode 12
"The Doctor goes on his first away mission - into the holodeck."
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Voyager arrives at a protostar. Some of its energy is beamed aboard to study however there is a small glitch. B’Elanna manages to make care of it. B’Elanna calls Harry to help her with her research however he cannot be detected in the holodeck where he was running a program based on the poem Beowulf.

On the holodeck Tuvok and Chakotay arrive. The people in the hall tell them that Harry was killed by Grendle, the monster that has killed many of their own men. They tell them that they would not be wise to face the monster. Tuvok and Chakotay ask them go help find them. One of the people tries to fight them but the leader tells them they can stand watch tonight.

B’Elanna and Janeway discuss with Chakotay and Tuvok discuss what could have happened. They suggest Harry was converted into energy and put inside the program. On the holodeck they detect something and then they lose contact with Janeway and B’Elanna.

Tom, B’Elanna and Janeway discuss how it could have worked with holodeck nodes. Tom suggests that the Doctor is used to go in and investigate. They go down to sickbay and explain the situation. Janeway calls it his first away mission.

They leave and the Doctor is left to talk to Kes. Kes suggests he is nervous because he can describe every piece of equipment in sickbay but he does not know what to expect when he begins his mission.

Tom transfers the Doctor onto the holodeck. He begins to look around but is stopped by one of the kings female solider, Freya. He tells her he is looking for Grendle. He tells her his name is Schweitzer. She talks him to see the king who gives the same speech as was given to Tuvok and Chakotay except this time the Doctor gets into a swordfight.

He doesn’t do too well until he puts down his sword. When his opponent swings for him he allows the sword to pass straight through him, damaging his opponents hand when the sword hits the floor. He is hailed as a new champion to fight Grendle.

The Doctor joins them for a feast. They ask the Doctor to tell them a tale and he begins to go on about protecting the crew from a disease. They don’t really understand it but the king offers him a tour of his home. Freya comes on to the Doctor and starts making out with him.

Freya leaves and the Grendle appears and begins to grab the Doctor. Janeway has him beamed out of the holodeck and back to sickbay by Tom but he is missing an arm. B’Elanna says there are synaptic patterns in the readings from the contact with it.

B’Elanna and Tom analysis the readings but an energy being comes out and flies away through the ship. They try to trap it in force fields but it escapes. B’Elanna tells Janeway that the energy being is a life form. It heads for the hull and leaves the ship.

Janeway gets it on the main viewer but it disappears into the protostar which seems to act like a ship or a transporter. Janeway suggests that the crew are in the energy being as there were three patterns inside it. Janeway says when they took the energy from the protostar they were actually taking a life form.

The Doctor suggests they give the other life forms to Grendle it would act like a peace offering. Janeway agrees to let the Doctor complete the mission. She arrives back and is greated by Freya. The kings captain attacks him but Freya defends him and takes a stab for him. She dies and the Doctor heads off to complete his mission.

The Doctor returns to the hall where he asks the king to return the talisman, ie the energy beings. The captain says the king should not listen to him but the Doctor confronts him and he backs off. The Doctor calls the Grendle out. He frees the energy beings and the missing crewmen return.

Later the Doctor talks to Janeway and says he had an interesting experience.


Kes: “Your nervous about this mission aren’t you?”
Doctor: “Nevous?”

Doctor: “Umm, quite good”

Doctor: “You are a true champion, always ready for battle”

Freya: “Fire is not the only heat Lord Schweitzer”

Doctor: “Grendle. I am ready for you”

Janeway: “Sounds like you had quite an adventure on that holodeck Doctor”



Set in stardate 48693.2, the original airdate was 04.24.95.