Renaissance Man

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 7, episode 24
"When Janeway is held hostage by aliens, The Doctor has to taken one multiple personalities."
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Opens with the Doctor signing in the Delta Flyer. Janeway is also aboard. They run into a subspace eddie. On Voyager, Tom makes lunch for B'Elanna but she says she is too busy.

On the bridge they get a message from the Delta Flyer. Janeway tells Harry to have Chakotay to meet her in the ready room as soon as she gets back.

Janeway tells Chakotay that she met aliens with really advanced technology who have outlawed warp drive. She tells him she has managed to make an agreement where they can keep their ship but must surrender their warp core and settle on a planet.

Janeway asks B'Elanna to make some modifications to the Delta Flyer. B'Elanna asks Chakotay to speak with her. Chakotay speaks to Janeway on the bridge but she leaves. She is asking strangly and talking to herself.

Chakotay asks the Doctor to throughly examine Janeway. Voyager gets a call from the aliens telling them eject the core. The Doctor tells Chakotay that Janeway is fine.

Chakotay discovers it is not the real Janeway but she stuns Chakotay with a hypo spray and puts him in the morge. Janeway turns out to be the Doctor. He makes a comm call. The real Janeway is being held hostage and the aliens are blackmailing the Doctor.

Tuvok asks to see Chakotay and the Doctor turns into him. Later the Doctor turns in B'Elanna and heads to engineering and keeps themself to a few jellpacks. Tom interupts with food but the Doctor gets rid of him eventually.

Seven and Harry tell Chakotay that the alien message telling them to eject the warp core came from Holodeck 2. Harry discoers it was the Doctor but he is taken out and is soon in the morge along with Chakotay.

The Doctor manages to take control of the ship and eject the warp core, escaping with it in the Delta Flyer. He arrives at the aliens ship but they take the warp drive and beam the Doctor aboard, taking him hostage too.

Tom finds Harry and Chakotay in the morge. B'Elanna gets main power back online and the Doctors music starts playing all over the ship. It contains a message telling them where the Doctor has gone. Tom and Tuvok take a shuttle.

The Doctors programme is having a problem when the aliens upload new information and starts to decompile. Meanwhile Tom and Tuvok arrive in the shuttle. Tom beams aboard the Delta Flyer and together they attack. Janeway, the Doctor and the second alien who has become friends with them take control of the ship.

Once back on Voyager the crew battle to stop the Doctor decompiling. He thinks he is going to be lost and makes several confessions however B'Elanna manages to save him. His programme is saved although his pride is not so stable.




Set in stardate 54890.7, the original airdate was 05.16.01.