Body and Soul

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 7, episode 7
"The Doctor experiances human senses when he is put in Seven's body."
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Harry, the Doctor and Seven are on a science mission chasing comets in the Delta Flyer. They get attacked and the attackers tell them they are illegally reansporting a hologram through their space.

Seven hides the doctor in herself. She and Harry are arrested under the charge of transporting holograms and manufacturing biogetic weapons.

On Voyager, Tuvok tells Tom who is acting as ships doctor, he is going through the Pon Farr. Meanwhile the Doctor is enyoing eatching prison rashions using Seven's body. Their captures then lead Seven away to the alien leader. Seven shows him how the replicator works and they eat and drink together.

Later Seven is returned to the holding cell - drunk. Harry gets the Doctor out of Seven Seven says the Doctor has been abusing her body. The Doctor is put back in Seven when the guards return to take her again. She helps the ships tactical officer / doctor / obb job person which a patient.

On Voyager another alien ship attacks but Janeway has their weapons taken out. Janeway agree's to deactivate the holodeck while Tuvok is about to start mating with his holographic wife.

Back on the other alien ship, the captain is hitting on Seven and shows her a beautiful stella phenominon. He starts kissing her but Seven pushes him off and walks out.

Once the three are back in the holding cell they decide to try and use the transeiver aboard the Delta Flyer to contact Voyager. Seven comes on to Captain Ranek and jabs him to knock him out. She then sends the co-ordinates to Voyager.

Voyager takes out their escorts power cell before heading off to rescuse their crew. Voyager arives at the ship and tries to beam them back followed by putting a tractor beam on the patrol ship.

The patrol ship breaks free from the tractor beam. The Doctor is taken out from Seven and Seven tries to drop the patrol ships shields. Radek tries to turn them on again and the console explodes injouring him.

The Doctor heals him and he thanks him. Voyager heads off with their crew. Tuvok tells Tom he has "recovered from the flu." Seven shares a meal with the Doctor.




Set in stardate 54238.3, the original airdate was 11.15.00.