Star Trek: Voyager

Series 6, episode 6
"Tuvok develops a mind condition and loses the ability to control his emotions."
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Neelix and Tuvok are in the Delta flyer. Neelix gives Tuvok a riddle but Tuvok says the answer Neelix gives is stupid, Neelix laughs. Tuvok goes to find some peace and quite at the back of the ship.

Tuvok detects something and is then shot. Neelix comes to find him and find Tuvok on the floor unconscious. In sickbay Tuvok is still unconscious. The Doctor managers to stabilise his vital signs. Later Janeway invites the chief of the alien race, which control the sector to join them. He tells them about the Beneck a legendary alien race, which few believe in that, could be responsible for the attacks.

Neelix brings many of Tuvok's things to sickbay in his obsessive caring fasion. Then Tuvok wakes up and the Doctor tries to scan him. He seems scared and he has lost his memory.

Meanwhile Seven of Nine and Nerok the alien chief, work out how to detect the Beneck. They manage to get a residual image and find out they have tentacles. Neelix gives Tuvok a tour of the ship while Voyager launches an experiment and detects the Beneck ships successfully. The ships surround them and open fire before fleeing.

Tuvok comes to see Janeway and Nerok. They try to get him to remember the cloaking frequency of the Beneck. Tuvok does not remember. Later Harry tries to teach Tuvok Caltoe but he is not very good and gets angry. Afterwards he gets angry in sickbay and attacks Neelix. Neelix goes to talk to Seven of Nine.

Neelix gets Tuvok to start cooking and he bakes a cake. They work out that the pattern on the cake is the cloaking frequency of the Beneck cloacking fields. Voyager uses the information to track the Beneck down.

Voyager finds one of the Beneck's bases - it attacks them but stops when Janeway sends out a hail threatening to hail the aliens homeworld and give away the location of the Bebeck base. They talk and the Beneck say they attack new aliens to assesses they are a threat. In the end they agree to give Voyager what they want if Nerok gives them the converter that allows them to be detected.

The Doctor finds a way to treat Tuvok. Tuvok tells him he does not want to undergo the procedure, as he wants to be able to express the enjoyment he feels when he spends time with Neelix. After the procedure Tuvok seems his old cold self however he gives Neelix another answer to his riddle.




Set in stardate 53263.2, the original airdate was 11.03.99.