Star Trek: Voyager

Series 6, episode 5
"Tom rebuilds a shuttle which turns out to have a life of its own."
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Tom and Harry try to guess Tuvok's age to kill time on the bridge. Then Harry detects a fleet of ships ahead. Tuvok raises shields hover it turns out to be a junkyard of 62 ships. They get a hail from an alien called Abandon welcoming him to his junkyard trading station.

Abandon beams aboard Voyager and is greeted by Neelix and Chakotay. Meanwhile Harry, Tom and Seven are in astrometrix and Tom sees a ship he really likes. He tells Chakotay about it and mentions it has a neurogenic interface. Chakotay eventually agrees to trade for it.

Tom and Harry work on the ship but have no luck in getting it to work. They finally get the controls online and Tom tries out the neurogenic interface. He tells Harry he has named the ship 'Alice.' They leave and the ship comes to life processing Tom's voice in the computer.

Later Tom is in the mess hall and he hears a voice. He follows it and a girl who appears to be a representation of Alice leads him to the ship. Tom sends much more time working on the ship over several days and changes his uniform to a flight suite he find in Alice's database. He also misses the time he was suppose to spend with Harry on the holodeck.

Seven and Neelix thing they have been coned by Abandon. However Seven realises one of the worthless trinkets is made from Berilium and worth loads. Neelix suggests they give it back however Seven reminds him "all trades are final."

Tom goes to christen Alice and B'lanna joins him for campaign but they fall out and B'lanna leaves. Later Chakotay has a talk with Tom who tells him to cool off. He goes to Alice who talks to him and ells him to ignore Chatokay.

Tom steels several parts and managers to get Alice ready to fly. B'lanna goes to find Tom. He is not there so she goes inside Alice. Alice seals her in and tries to kill her. Tom comes in and saves her although he thinks it was B'lanna's fault.

B'lanna goes to see Chakotay but Tom leaves the shuttle bay in Alice after fully connecting the neurogenic interface. He heads for a stellar phenomenon however Voyager catches up. The Doctor connects to the neutrogenic interface so B'lanna can speak to Tom. Tom realises what he has done and dumps Alice.


Seven: "all trades are final"



The stardate for this episode is unknown. The original airdate was 10.20.99.