Equinox, Part I

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 5, episode 26
"When Voyager meets another Federation ship, it causes nothing but trouble."
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Opens with a Federation ship being torn apart in a battle. They drop their shields to recharge their generator and aliens begin beaming aboard. Meanwhile Voyager gets the ships destress call. The ship turns out to be the Equinox and Janeway plots a course towards it.

When Voyager arrives at the Equinox asks them to extend their shield around them quickly. They do as they ask and spacial fishers which were appearing in the ship then close.

Tom, B'lanna and Chakotay arrive on the Equinox and find it badly damaged. Chakotay finds one female crewman alive in the corner. Meanwhile Harry and Seven find someone burried under the rubble. Neelix finds a man in the crew quarters who shoots a phaser at him. He misses and is taken out. Neelix sends him to sick bay.

Tuvok and Janeway make it onto the bridge finding the crew mutilated and Captain Ransom badly damaged. Janeway discovered they were both brought here by the caretaker, Max first officer of the Equinox knows B'elana- went to academy together. Tom is jealous.

In astrometrics they work out a way to trap the aliens which were attacking the ships as they are weakening Voyager shields. Janeway proposes they make their stand on Voyager but the other captain does not want to leave his ship. He is hiding a big secret.

The Equinox crew plan to steal voyagers shield generator and leave although some of the crew are not sure. Tuvok and Seven realise the lab is being flooded internally. Janeway sends the doctor to investigate without Ransoms knowledge.

The doctor finds out the lab is being used to convert the alien species to a crystalline substance for some reason. The doctor works out they are using the aliens as a source of power.

Janeway questions Ransom about killing the aliens for a source of fuel. He says he had no option and when they came into contact with an alien species emitting antimatter they captured it. It dies and when they examined it they found they could use it as power.

Janeway confines Ransoms crew to their quarters. The doctor beams to the Equinox and activates the Equinox deflector. However he steals the doctors mobile emitter after revealing he designed the experiment and goes to Voyager.

The fake doctor helps the crew break out and he disconnects the shield grid. The Equinox beams to their bridge and attempts to beam the field generator from Voyager.

The Equinox cannot get away and shields go down. The aliens get on the ship. The Equinox gets an alien then runs for it while an alien on Voyager attacks Janeway.




The stardate is unknown for this episode. The original airdate was 05.26.99.