Caretaker, Part II

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 1, episode 2
"Voyager tries to save B'Elanna and Harry, They become stranded in the Delta Quadrant."
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Opens with Janeway giving her report as a voice over. They hail a small vessel. Aboard it is Neelix, saying claim to the debris. Neelix tells them the caretaker has been bringing ships here for months now. Neelix agrees to trade his services and expertise in exchange for all the water he wants. He is beamed aboard Voyager.

In the transporter room, Tuvok talks about the different cultures. He says he is Vulcan. Neelix thinks it is his name and says he is called Neelix (probably why he calls from Mr. Vulcan throughout the whole run of Voyager).

Harry and B'Elanna wake up in some kind of alien prison. B'Elanna refers to Harry as 'Starfleet.' He calls her 'Marquee' until she tells him her name. Someone enters and tells them the are guests as they were brought here by the caretaker. Their guide tells them the caretaker build their whole underground city.

The guide tells them that they were probably sent their because of the illness they have even though they did not get it until they came into contact with the caretaker. Tuvok enters Neelix's quarters to find him having a bath. When Voyager reaches the Southern continent Neelix, Tom, Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok beam down.

The tribes on the surface do not trust them however when Janeway beams down a few containers of water they decide to help them find the Ocampa. The leader points out an Ocampa who lives in the surface - Kes. The leader tells them there is a barrier underground that stops them getting down to the Ocampa. It turns out Neelix was trying to save Kes all along.

In Sickbay, Janeway is not happy about what Neelix did. The EMA orders everyone who is not a patient out but she deactivates him. The array stops sending out pulses. Janeway makes it down into the city but only to find Harry and B'Elanna gone as they have headed up one of the ancient tunnels.

Tuvok explains to the rest of the away party that he thinks the Caretaker is closing the energy conduits after giving them enough energy for five years because he is dieing. Transporters go offline on Voyager and the party head up the ancient tunnel to find Harry and B'Elanna as well as a way out.

Kes leads them to a tunnel where there is a gap in the energy barrier. She tells them not to touch it. When they reach the top of the tunnel, Neelix blasts a whole in the top and they see daylight. Tom emerges first onto the barren surface, followed by Kes, Harry, B'Elanna and Neelix.

Meanwhile behind them still in the tunnel, Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok are hit by falling rocks from a blast hitting the surface. Tom and Neelix head back inside to find them while the others are beamed to Voyager. Chakotay does not want Tom to rescue him but agrees in the end. They make it off the stairs just before they collapse.

In sickbay, the Doctor is not happy about how they all leave rather than resting and that they don't turn his programme off when they leave. Two Kazon ships arrive at the array and tell them they cannot board the array. They fire on Voyager. Janeway orders them to fire phasers.

Janeway and Tuvok beam over to the array while Chatokay, back on his ships, tries to hold the Kazon ship. Aboard the array they find an old time stable and the caretaker playing the banjo. The caretaker tells them he hasn't got enough strength to send them home. Janeway works out the caretaker turned the planet into a dessert and two of the aliens from the other galaxy were picked.

The caretaker tells them the disease was testing for compatibility so the caretaker could procreate so that his offspring could take on the roll of a caretaker. More Kazon ships arrive. Chakotay decides to set a collision course into one of the ships, the crew beam over to Voyager.

The collision course works and the Kazon ship is crippled. Tuvok tells Janeway he can activate the array in several hours. However the caretaker tells them that he has set it on self distruct to stop the Ocampa's enemies from controlling it. The old time stable fades to a high tech array.

The self district does not work and the caretaker tells Janeway she must destroy the array. Janeway arrives back on the bridge and tells the Kazon she is going to destroy the array. B'Elanna challenges her but Chakotay supports Janeway. The array is destroyed.

Janeway calls Tom to her ready room and says he is promoted to lieutenant and Chakotay is going to be her first officer. Neelix and Kes come in and tell her they want to be part of her crew. On the bridge Janeway gives an inspiring style speech and tells Tom to set a course for home.


Harry: “What’s your name Marquee?”

Janeway: “Maybe your children will do better than you think”

Janeway: “We never asked to be involved Tuvok. But we are. We are.”

Chakotay: “She’s the captain”

Janeway: “Fire”



Set in stardate 48315.6, the original airdate was 01.16.95.