Last Tap Dance in Springfield

The Simpsons

Series 11, episode 20
"Lisa starts tap dancing lessons after being inspired by a movie."
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The family head to the mall and Homer goes to pick out glasses. However he is unable to pick so goes for laser eye surgery. Lisa and Marge go to see a movie about tango dances and it inspires Lisa go get dancing lessons. Marge takes Lisa to have dance classes with Little Vicky.

Little Vicky shows Lisa the different dances. Lisa says she wants to learn tango, but Little Vicky says she will get her some tap shoes. Meanwhile Bart and Millhouse are heading off to camp. However Nelson says he is going to pound them all weekend. The get off the bus and Bart suggests they spend the weekend in the mall.

Lisa begins dancing but is not very good. Meanwhile at the mall, it closes but Bart and Millhouse scurry away into a vent and end up in a candy store. They spend all night eating candy and trashing the place. Chief Wiggam says it must be giant rats and tells them to close the mall.

In classes Lisa asks what she is doing wrong. Little Vicky points out many flours and makes her feel bad. When Lisa gets back she tries to tell Homer and Marge she doesn’t like dancing but they shower her with phrase. Lisa watches a movie and notices that the cat in the movie dances better than she does.

At the mall, Chief Wiggam sets a trap to drop an anvil on the giant rat however he tries the trap out and gets crushed. At the show Professor Frank tells Little Vicky the spaceship will soon be ready. Lisa asks why she is not in the programme but Little Vicky points out that she is the curtain puller.

Professor Frank offers to help Lisa and shows her self dancing shoes that dance along with any beat. At the mall, the police release a lion which is also crushed by the anvil. They release the backup lion who chases Bart and Millhouse. They head towards an exit but it says ‘coming soon.’ It is about to pounce when Bart throws it a ball of wool. It dives on Millhouse but Bart throws another and it returns to the police with wool coming out of its mouth. They think it’s a rats tail and close the case, leaving the lion free.

At the show Lisa returns and says that she can be in the show. However Little Vicky says no. Ralph eats too much candy however and cannot be in the show. Lisa hopes she can take his place but Little Vicky takes Ralph’s place instead. Lisa is standing at the side of the stage but the beat starts her shoes dancing and she dances onto the stage.

Little Vicky goes into a solo to try and beat Lisa as she thinks she is upstaging her. Afterwards everyone claps and it continues to make the shoes dance and she goes insane and runs round everywhere. Homer finally stops her by tripping her up.

Lisa apologies to Little Vicky but Little Vicky says it’s ok. She once destroyed Butte Epson’s credit rating. Professor Frank says the shoes were off and Lisa danced by herself but Homer says they are on. Professor Frank points out he was trying to spare Lisa’s feelings.


Homer: “Oh here we go with the add-ons. No thanks.”

Dancer: “But where he died, I shall live. In his apartment”

Stan: “If you’re happy and you know it shop at Stan’s. Giant discounts on you're favorite major brands.”

Little Vicky: “That’s a smile not an upside down frown”

Professor Frank: “I have visited the future. And yes it will”

Homer: “Yeah that pressure we put on her really paid off”

Little Vicky: “I once destroyed Butte Epson’s credit rating?”
Lisa: “Why?”
Little Vicky: “He knows why”