Bart to the Future

The Simpsons

Series 11, episode 17
"Bart is shown a vision of his future when the family visit an Indian Casino."
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The family head off for a trip and end up at an Indian Casino. Marge is uncomfortable due to her gambling problem. Lisa babbles on while Homer and Bart run off. Bart is now allowed in and tries to sneak in by pretending to be Gabbo. At the bosses office he gets shown a vision of his future.

In the future Smell you Later has replaced goodbye. Bart is really broke but his band gets a gig at Nelson’s club. Bart heads home and asks to borrow some money for an amp and they argue about how Lisa is doing better than him being president elect and all.

They head round the Flanders house to get the money. He is blind due to having laser surgery on his eyes – they fall out after 10 years. Bart gets Flanders to lend him some money. At the club Bart and Ralph are booed off the stage.

When they arrive back they have been evicted. Ralph leaves and Bart decides to go down to the Whitehouse to mooch off Lisa. Lisa is told the country is basically broke and that they have borrowed off every nation in the world. Bart arrives. They sit down for dinner. Marge shows everyone Maggie who looks awful like Maggie Senior, her mother.

Lisa looks for how she can increase tax, Millhouse suggests she calls it a temporary refund adjustment. Everyone likes the idea but Bart interrupts with a song trying to sell their demo tapes and lets it out that Lisa is actually having a tax hike. Lisa strangles Bart and he yells for help from the secret service who come over and join in strangling him.

The vote for the tax hike is declined. Lisa decides to invite the creditor nations but needs to get Bart out of the way. Curnie, her secret service head suggests that Bart should be taken out. She declines but draws up a plan to send Bart off to Camp David to write a report on keeping it real.

At Camp David Krusty makes a joke about India nuking Pakhistan. Bart is spoken to be Jimmy Carter’s ghost who tells him Lisa just wanted to get rid of him. He returns to find Lisa speaking to all the creditor nations. He manages to get rid of them and Lisa asks him how ske can thank him. He asks her to ‘legal it.’

Meanwhile Homer finds Lincoln’s gold but it turns out to be a piece of paper. The vision draws to a close and the Indian guy disappears. Lisa comes in and tells him what’s been happening. He tells her about the vision and mentions she has ‘some government job.’


Homer: “Hi how are ya? Hi how are ya?”

That guy: “The great Gabbo accepts your terms”

That guy: “Gabbo, you’ve become a real boy”

Ralph: “You mean the spider bite at Disney Land?”

Homer: “What a bleak horrible future we live in”
Bart: “Don’t you mean present?”

Ralph: “Smell you later Bart. Smell you later forever”

Millhouse: “Well remember when the last administration decided to invest in our childredn. Big mistake!”

Marge: “Wait, how do you know this is the place Lincoln buried his gold, you just started counting from an arbitrary place”



The original airdate was 3/13/00.