The Great Louse Detective

The Simpsons

Series 14, episode 6
"Sideshow Bob is released to help find a person who is trying to kill Homer."
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Marge sets a new record for cleaning. But anyway they get a free spar vacation for the family to go on. Homer goes into the steam room but someone turns it right up and fixes the door shut. He is found a while later by Krusty.

Chief Wiggum takes them to the maximum security prison where they go speak to Sideshow Bob to try and find Homer’s attacker. Side Show Bob is released and Homer offers to let him stay with them.

Chief Wiggum hits Sideshow Bob with a shock device on his leg for parts protection. Sideshow Bob asks who is Homer’s enemies and he reels off a huge list. Sideshow Bob decides to follow Homer in a normal day. They go hand gliding.

Later Sideshow Bob uses a dummy to make the killer come out. Moe comes up and beats the dummy with a baseball bat. Patty and Selma turn up and brick him before Willie and Reverent Lovejoy beat the dummy then Homer joins in.

At the bar the guys question why he couldn’t kill Bart despite him being a kid. Homer’s attacker comes in and takes a shot with a gun but misses. Bart continues to violently shock Bob.

Sideshow Bob tells Homer he needs to disappear. But Homer is elected king of Mardigra and has to ride around on a float all day making him a sitting duck. Sideshow Bob realises Homer’s killer is the mechanic and the float’s break line has been cut. The float heads straight for the museum of Swordfish.

Sideshow Bob fires himself out of a cannon and lifts him off the float clinging to the Duff blimp. Duff Man is shot though. They drop onto Curnie and Jimbo on stilits and chase the killer who is also on silts. They corner him in the alley. It turns out to be Frank Grimes Junior.

Sideshow Bob turns up in Bart’s room and decides to kill him with a knife nice and simply like Lenny and Carl suggested. But in the end he cannot do it as he has grown to like Bart. He starts to sing a song.


Homer: “Don’t struggle. You’ll only sink faster”

Sideshow Bob: “Oh come on we have been through so much together. Please, call be Bob.”

Homer: “Frank Grimes? Oh yeah, how is old Grimey?”

Lisa: “Dad, I figured it out. The murderer is…”

Lou: “Your living the dream Chief”

Homer: “Bart, turn down that original cast recording”