Homer the Great

The Simpsons

Series 6, episode 12
"Homer joins the Stonecutters and turns out to be the Chosen One but how long will it last?"
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Episode Guide

Homers life isn’t great whereas Lenny and Carl seem to have great stuff and great lives. Homer uses the old trick of putting a leaking paint can on the back of the car and follows them to a secret meeting place. Homer is on the roof but falls through and is thrown out.

Homer reflects back to when he wasn’t allowed in the tree house club. Grandpa says he is a member of the Stonecutters club. Bart gets them to listen to him and finally Homer is allowed to be a member of the Stonecutters.

Homer is initiated. First is a five story plunge. Is just a simple fall but he falls through the floor and actually does have a five story plunge. Then there rituals such as crossing the dessert, the unblinking eye and the paddling of the swollen ass – all involve Homer getting hit with paddles a lot.

Homer begins living it up. He shakes his plumbers hand and he fixes the leak instantly. He takes the hidden tunnel along the road to work. He’s get a better chair and a membership pack such as a no tickets badge and the real emergency services number – 912.

The Stonecutters sing a long and then have ribs. Homer decides to use a bib but uses the secret parchment as and destroys it. They decide to kick Homer out. They take all his Stonecutters clothes. He destroys the parchment a bit more and so they attach the stone of shame.

They notice has the secret birth mark and all hail him. They dispatch the stone of shame and attach the stone of triumph. The Stonecutters let Homer win at everything and he begins to tire of it. Homer talks to Lisa about it and she tells him he is isolated from other human beings. He suggests he gets monkeys to re-inact the civil war.

Homer decides to help others by doing community work. They paint a building sky blue and a helicopter flies into it. Homer tells the family that he is really reaching out. The Stonecutters think about killing him but decide instead to start a new ancient mystic society of ‘no Homers’.

Back at the Stonecutters place, Homer is making the monkey’s re-inact the civil war. Marge tells them that he is part of a very special club – the family Simpson club. Back at home, Bart paddles Homer for the initiation.


Homer: “I’ll take this communist one too.”

Mr. Burns: “Patience Monty. Climb the ladder.”

Moe: “erm I think he should have to take a different oath”

Marge: “Homer a person called you know who, just invited you to a secret wink wink at the you know where”

Homer: “Its wonderful Marge. These people looked deep within my soul and assigned me a number on the order in which I joined”

Number One: “Detach the stone of shame. Attach the stone of triumph.”

Homer: “I always wondered if there was a god. And know I know, there is. And it’s me”

Homer: “I’m not perfect right?”
Moe: “Erm, run!”


This episode is great because it has so many holes in. I mean there is this big worldwide Stonecutters organisation so when everyone left in the end, why didn't Homer just go to a different worldwide branch? And what are the odds that that particular branch would have the sacret parchment?

Also there is this huge system set up - seperate equipment, roads and emergency services numbers. So what happened to them when everybody left? Was Homer just given the Stonecutters hide out?

Yeah, think about it.