The Homecoming

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 10
"Julie hosts a charity party with Caleb but shatters Marissa's hopes of a reunited family."
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Marissa and Ryan get it on. Marissa moans about Julie trying to call her. Ryan suggests they go out and do something. Marissa sets Saturday night as the date. Kirsten comes back and catches them. Marissa leaves. Kirsten talks to Sandy about it

Next morning Sandy and Kirsten start kissing but are interrupted by Ryan coming in. Seth wants to know what happens but nobody says anything. At school Seth quizzes Ryan about what happened. He also asks him about how many girls he has slept with, it appears to be a lot. Meanwhile Summer questions Marissa on what happened.

Marissa and Summer walk up to Seth and Ryan. Seth and Summer walk off to lead Marissa and Ryan to talk as what was called 'the best date ever.' Sandy tells Rachael he is leaving early to meet Kirstin although Rachael tries to convince him to stay. Elsewhere Kirsten goes to see Caleb and finds him talking to Julie.

Julie leaves and Kirsten tells Caleb they have work later as Sandy said he is working late with Rachael. Anna suggests Ryan takes Marissa for date and a movie. Ryan admits that he has never been on an actual 'date.' Ryan heads off to class and Anna tells Seth he needs to stop talking about Summer all the time.

Kirsten arrives back at Jimmy's apartment and finds Julie there with him. They want to talk to her. Julie wants to invite Jimmy and Marissa to the party for the Children's Hospital. Julie gets all emotional to Marissa and she seems ok with it. Later Marissa comes into the pool house and announces the news about the party on Saturday that she wants herself and Ryan to go to.

Ryan tells Marissa he has never had a real girlfriend but avoids what he has actually had. Next morning Seth is moaning to everyone about how Anna thinks he always talks about Summer. Ryan tells him the truth. Sandy comes to talk to Kirsten about last night. Sandy and Kirsten almost start kissing again.

At school Ryan tells Seth about the party and tells him to invite Anna. Seth tells her we won't talk about Summer again and she agrees to come with him. At the conference Caleb and Kirsten discuss a settlement with Sandy and Rachael. Caleb refuses to look at the offer that Sandy gives him. Sandy tells Caleb he is going to take him down.

Marissa is in her room with Ryan picking out clothes for the party. Ryan expresses his concern about how these events end in fights with him. Julie comes in and says Marissa can sleep at the house if she wants but she declines. Julie sends Marissa off and once she is gone she says she is sorry to Ryan as he has been there in support of Marissa and she would like to start afresh with him. He eventually agrees.

Summer bumps into Seth and Anna. Once Seth explains about the charity thing Summer is clearly annoyed. Sandy and Kirsten have a heated discussion at home about how they are always busy and never get change to talk. Later that night, Ryan sees Julie and Caleb sharing a kiss.

Next day, Saturday, Marissa comments on how her much has changed and how she herself is really happy. Anna comes to met Seth and has a look round his house. Anna and Marissa head off to the girls room. Kirsten comes in. Meanwhile Sandy talks to Rachael and says he wants to get out of here to go to the party but Rachael talks him into having something to eat with her.

The party is buzzing. A photographer gets a photo of the Cooper family. Summer arrives with a date who is clearly not too bright. Julie comes over to talk to Ryan. He is uncomfortable about lying to Marissa. Marissa goes over to talk to Summer and realises she is jealous of Anna going out with Seth. Marissa tells Summer he likes her.

Marissa goes over to talk to Ryan. She tells him she is really happy and thinks her parents might be getting back together. But Ryan tells her about Julie and Caleb. Marissa goes off. Sandy is still working with Rachael on the case. Rachael comes over as if she is going to kiss Sandy but he tells her he has a boat to catch.

Seth and Anna sit around making fun of people. Anna tries to kill Seth but Seth doesn't go in. He heads off to get a drink. Summer, bored with her date, goes off to get a drink as well. Julie makes a speech. Summer approaches Seth and asks to talk. She starts kissing Seth and admits she likes Seth before leaving. Julie invites Marissa to join her. Marissa gets the microphone and lets it out that they are seeing each other. Kaitlin announces the winner of the romantic getaway is Sandy and Kirsten.

Anna and Seth head off together, Summer signs to him but Anna doesn't notice. Kirsten talks to Caleb about how she shared her life but he never shared his. Sandy arrives only for Kirsten to tell him the are leaving. Marissa tells Ryan she is ready she is ready for her first date now. Meanwhile Sandy and Kirsten finally get it on. Ryan invites Marissa to spend the night, she accepts. It's all so romantic.


[ on catching Ryan and Marissa ]
Kirsten: "That's never happened with Seth"

Seth: "Ok I get it, I'm just here for the comic relief"

Seth: "So when you lost your virginity, I was still playing Magic: The Gathering"
Ryan: "Your still playing Magic"

Kirsten: "You know, you are now the official sponsor of the Julie Cooper come back tour"

Marissa: "I forgot I had this dress"
Ryan: "Happens to me all the time"

Anna: "Which, is my name"

Anna: "So this is where the magic happens?"
Seth: "Well if by magic, you are referring to the card game, then, sadly, yes"

[ to Seth ]
Ryan: "Sometime I think you talk just to make sounds"

Seth: "The only thing more fan than a raffle, is, anything really"


Well as episodes in the ranking of entertainment goes this one wasn't bad but only as a filler. The Escape and The Rescue really offered some moving forward plot lines and I think the scripts are still recovering from the sudden acceleration.

Its good to see Ryan and Mariss moving forward I guess although I was glas there was still the edge of his lower class background as opposed to him being one of them as that is what makes the show for me. And finally Kirsten and Sandy get it on. About time, I was very worried when Rachael came onto him.

Seth is really starting to shine through as the comedy element too. So many Magic: The Gathering jokes packed into the episode. Maybe I should start playing that.


Music used in this episode:

"Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung
"A Fine Romance" by Stacy Kent
"Breathe" by Leaves