The Heights

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 9
"School starts again and Ryan joins the soccer team"
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First day of school. They are having breakfast. Sandy returns from surfing and him and Kirsten try to use the word 'rad.' Ryan enters and they question them more about the first day of school. Summer talks to Marissa and she tells Summer she is not going. But Summer tries to convince her.

Jimmy enters with French toast cooked in the oven. Title screen rolls. As they walk through school some of the football jocks bump into Seth. Some of the girls throw insults at Marissa. Ryan convinces Marissa to meet her after school. Luke turns up and asks if they can talk. Summer pushes him way.

At home Sandy and Kirsten's kissing is interrupted when Rachael's name comes up. Kirstin is still clearly uncomfortable with her. They continue but Sandy gets a phone call. This is followed by Kirsten getting a call. Seth tries to make lunch with Summer but Anna interrupts and says hi to Seth.

Seth asks Anna to teach her how to get Summer. Rachael comes in and tells Sandy about a huge case where a development of property and a golf course is on some wetlands is being done by Kirsten's company. Sandy is not sure about what to do, Rachael tells him this case will go down in history.

Marissa tries to quit her position as social chair but Dr. Kim tells her she should keep it up. Marissa goes to talk to Ryan and tells him she cannot make their after school date. They agree to meet up at the carnival.

Next morning Sandy talks to Kirsten. She says she is having a company breakfast with her dad is there is a crisis going on - clearly the legal case that Sandy was offered. Ryan continues to read through massive amounts of literature. Sandy suggests Ryan get involved with a sports team at school.

At Jimmy's house Luke turns up and asks to speak to Marissa but Jimmy turns him down. Marissa offers to meet up with Ryan but Ryan says he has soccer practice. They agree to meet up afterwards. In class Anna invites Seth to sit with her. Seth gives the seat up to Summer but Anna gets Seth to share her seat.

Sandy comes into his office to find Kirstin. They argue over what is happening with the case. Ryan turns up for soccer practice and tries out for striker. He is in competition with the team captain - Luke. After practice Luke confronts Marissa but Marissa shouts at him. He continues to apologise, Ryan overhears from the hallway.

Marissa leaves to look for Ryan but he has already left. Later Kirsten comes out and hands Sandy a newspaper with the case on the front page. There is lots of tension between Sandy and Kirsten. Summer tells Marissa not to tell Ryan what happened between them.

Summer asks Seth to be here lab partner but Anna comes over and says Seth has already said he would be her lab partner. They begin the dissection. Rachael talks to Sandy about the case and suggests that his marriage is not that strong. At soccer practice Luke talks to Marissa. They begin running and Ryan takes Luke out.

At dinner Seth tries to start up some conversations but nobody is talking. Later Marissa turns up at the pool house and her and Ryan argue. She storms out. Next morning Sandy tells Ryan the football coach called and says he is going to suspend him for 2 games because he thinks he has talent but his attitude sucks. Sandy tells him to cool down to stop him being taken away from them.

That night Sandy turns up with flowers for Kirsten. He tells Kirsten that he is going to take the case. They seem to work everything out. They start getting close again but are stopped once more by both getting phone calls. At the carnival Seth and Anna are playing games. Marissa and Ryan need to talk and so they go on the Ferris Wheel. Anna pays the guy to stop it for a few minutes so they can talk. Marissa and Ryan start making out.


Jimmy: "Well I think it's safe to see this year will be different"

Summer: "Hey hors. Why don't you go work another corner?"

Sandy: "Oh thank god because the lack of golf courses around here. It's tragic."

Ryan: "No Ferris Wheel, I don't do heights"

Seth: "Something that all your Jewishness has prevented me from entering"

Marissa: "Why are you lying to me?"
Ryan: "Why are you lying to me?"

Sandy: "Every day at that school you are going to meet spoilt little rich kids"


What a boring episode. I mean what happened? Nothing thats what happened. There was a bit of Anna and Seth and a bit of Ryan joining the football team but that basically covers the episode.

Although the Sandy vs. Kirsten episode almost good.


Music used in this episode:

"Paint The Silence" by South
"Dont Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke
"How Good Can It Be" by The 88