The Rescue

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 8
"Julie plans to send Marissa to an institute"
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Sandy, Kirsten, Seth and Ryan sit around waiting to here from the hospital. Kirsten gets them moving but then the phone goes. Jimmy sits by Kirsten's bed. They arrive and Jimmy tells them she was awake and she could be released within a day or two. Julie walks in and says she shouldn't have any visitors. They leave.

Julie tells Ryan it was his fault and he can never see Marissa again and if he tries she will have him thrown back in prison. Seth talks to Ryan about it. Kirsten goes to check in with the events committee and tells Ryan not to be scared. Seth introduces Ryan to his school.

Rachael shows Sandy around his new office and tells him he will be assigned a bunch of staff. At school, Ryan talks to Kirsten about school. The mirror between Ryan's first day and Sandy's first day continue.

Kirsten tries to get Ryan accepted but the school are not happy. He is told that if he can pass a test then we will be able to attend. Summer talks to Seth about what happened with Marissa. She is still uncomfortable will being with Seth in public. He says he understands but is clearly not happy with it.

Julie tells Jimmy she is asking the judge for sole custody. Jimmy says he won't give up his kids. Ryan is studying for the test but Seth keeps interrupting while he talks about Summer. The phone goes, it turns out to be Marissa. She tells Ryan to go to the hospital. He heads off to see her.

At the hospital Marissa tells Ryan she didn't want to kill herself. Julie comes back in and Ryan hides. She questions Marissa but she denies Ryan was here. She tells Julie she tried to talk to her about how she was unhappy but Julie ignores her and leaves. Ryan says she is not afraid of Julie before heading off.

Kirsten goes to ask Ryan what he wants but Seth tries to stop him. Luckily they are saved by Jimmy at the door asking to speak to Sandy about the custody thing. Jimmy is uncomfortable about the kiss but Kirsten says it's ok. Julie comes back and tells Kirsten about a 'recovery centre' which really means mental institution. Julie says Dr. Burke will be here after lunch to evaluate her. Kirsten goes into the bathroom and Julie bins the flowers.

Summer arrives at Seth's room. She tells Seth that she has been called by Marissa about her mum shipping her off to the crazy house. She says they need Ryan but Seth explains about the placement exam. However he soon changes his mind about needing Ryan when Summer says they have to take on Julie Cooper.

Rachael says Sandy shouldn't be making court dates, he should be settling instead. Seth and Summer burst in saying they need Ryan. Ryan decides to leave even though he is told that if we walks away from the test, he walks away from the school. Dr. Burke questions Marissa about her life. She asks Marissa to tell her about the problems she is having with her mum.

Ryan and Seth are trying to get to see Marissa. Summer comes back dresses in a uniform as apparently she works her or something. Dr. Burke tells Julie and Jimmy that she doesn't need to be kept on suicide watch but she can recommend further treatment which can be done in Newport. But Julie says she wants to get her out of the area.

Julie ignores Jimmy's opinion and decides to secretly drive Marissa down that night, having packed her bag packed in the car. She tells Marissa and Marissa seems to take it really well. Julie leaves and Ryan comes out of his hiding place. He tells her to put on a uniform to get her out of here.

Summer and Seth waiting outside spot Dr. Burke and Julie approaching. Seth runs for it while Summer starts talking to them. Summer manages to bring them to stop while she describes a dream. Ryan gets Marissa to the door where Luke is standing with flowers. Luke catches onto their plan and tells them to take the stairs.

Kirsten talks Jimmy to where Sandy is having drinks with some associates. Well my associates it's basically Rachael. Jimmy introduces himself. Jimmy says he will sort this out by himself and leaves. Jimmy gets back to his apartment to find Marissa, Seth, Summer and Ryan. Ryan, Summer and Seth leave.

Marissa tells Jimmy she about Julie planning to drive her down to the institute. She realises Jimmy didn't know. She says she wants to stay with Jimmy. Jimmy tells Marissa about Julie suing him for sole custody. The phone goes, it's Julie. He admits she is here.

Ryan offers to stay away if it will stop Julie doing all this but Kirsten turns the offer down. Sandy comes home and exchanges words with Kirsten. He reminds her he didn't say a word about her spending the weekend painting Jimmy Cooper's house. She say they trust each other. Ryan phones Sandy and asks for his advice. He tells him to settle rather than going to court.

Sandy invites Julie over and Ryan is there. Sandy says they should all talk. Ryan and Julie exchange heated words and Marissa turns up behind Julie and agrees with Ryan. Marissa tells Julie she doesn't want to leave and wants to live with Jimmy. Julie tells Marissa it isn't over.

Sandy tells Ryan to go talk to Dr. Kim. At school Dr. Kim and Ryan emerge and she says he has been accepted but he better not pull any more stunts. They walk off into the school grounds.


Sandy: "You are? Its Julie Cooper we're talking about"

Seth: "Yeah you guys didn't at your old school?"
Ryan: "Well we had a basketball hoop"

Rachael: "You didn't at the PD's office?"
Sandy: "Well we had a basketball hoop"

Sandy: "Right, rich people need lawyers too"

Julie: "You know I don't like Brian"
Jimmy: "Ryan"

Julie: "She's going to the institute"
Jimmy: "She's not going anywhere"

Kirstin: "Oh so this is Rachael"
Sandy: "This is Rachael"
Rachael: "I'm Rachael"

Seth: "We could hide you in one of my mum's developments"

Sandy: "If you can't tell your dad who can you tell?"
Seth: "Err I dunno, Ryan, mum, that tree over there"


Well well well looks whats happening here. I really liked the mirroring of Sandy and Ryan's day it shows they are on the level and brings it back to the original idea which made the show so appealing of Ryan / Sandy type thing I mentioned in the episode 1 review.

The storyline with Marissa was cool though it would have been so much cooler to play it out in San Diageo in the institute, that could have really offered some directorial indugience. There is always a chance but I think its over now. Any other shows like that? Forums people!

Overall, one of the best episodes I have seen so far.


Music used in this episode:

"Keep It Together" by Guster
"Let the Bad Times Roll" by Paul Westerberg
"La femme D'argent" by Air