The Escape

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 7
"A trip down to Mexico has a bad ending"
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Seth is trying to convince Ryan to go to Mexico but Ryan doesn't want to go as Seth's parents think they are going to Comic Con a comic convention. Sandy tells them he is going to or a job interview but is going to stay as a public defender - he just goes for the free meal.

Seth gives Ryan a Mexican hat. They prepare to head off for the trip. Seth has a huge list of things to do despite the fact the trip is only two days long. Summer talks to Marissa about having sex with Luke. Downstairs Jimmy talks on the phone. He is told the new apparent is not ready even though he is moving out this weekend.

Jimmy goes to see Kirsten to find a place to stay until the apartment is ready. Jimmy tells Kirsten they have not told the girls he is moving out until he has moved out. At Luke's place, he and Marissa get intimate. Marissa tells him that she doesn't want to go to Mexico as her dad is having a meltdown.

They head down at the bar. Seth is there talking to Ryan while he works. Marissa talks to Ryan for a bit then heads off to sit down with everyone else. Sandy bumps into Rachael at his interview. Rachael tells Sandy that they are interested in him because of all the work he did with Jimmy.

Holly tries to talk Luke into hucking up with her but he says no because he is back together with Marissa. Luke leads Marissa out and Seth goes over and offers Summer a ride. Later Sandy meets Summer as they prepare to leave. Summer goes over and manages to get Marissa to come when Jimmy says he can't spend time with her.

Kirsten and Jimmy are doing some painting. She tells him that she has to call Marissa to tell her about him moving out or Marissa will never forgive him. Summer tries to get Seth to drive faster. Seth and Summer start arguing, she starts grabbing the wheel and the car goes off the road.

They have to crash somewhere until the car is fixed. Summer never stops complaining. Sandy talks to Kirsten about Jimmy and Sandy notices a new surfboard. It turns out to be from the law firm. He tells Kirsten he is seriously considering it as at the moment he feels all the families money is coming from Kirsten.

At the vending machine Ryan talks to Marissa about what happened between him and Gabrielle. Summer tries to get Seth to move off the bed but he refuses. In the end she agrees to share. Jimmy calls Marissa and tells her he is moving out.

Next morning Marissa wakes up with Ryan. Summer and Seth have breakfast. They head to Marissa and Ryan's room. Ryan tells them they might not be coming. Summer convinces Marissa to come. They arrive in Mexico.

Rachael continues to try and persuade Sandy to take the job. Jimmy tells Kirsten she was right about telling Marissa. They share a kiss. Jimmy apologises but Kirsten leaves. In Mexico there is a lot of partying and other such activities. The water polo team down some shots and Holly tempts Luke due to Marissa not being there (they think).

Marissa and Ryan are dancing when Marissa spots Luke and Holly making out. She confronts him and Holly tells her that Luke hucks up with everyone. The situation generally degrades and Luke and Ryan exchange punches while Seth drags Summer away.

Summer finds Marissa and tells her to phone Luke but she says no. Marissa says she can't go home as her dad has moved home and she has no one. Summer phones Seth and Ryan and tells them to come back to the hotel before suggesting they get some dinner but Marissa has gone and taken Summer's stop mum's painkillers.

Marissa is sitting in a bar, she talks some pills and downs them with a shot. Sandy finds Kirsten in the kitchen and tells her that he has taken the job. He says he can give it up if she wants but she says no. In the bar Marissa seems to be losing it. Ryan, Summer and Seth rush around looking for her. At the bar a man advances on her and she runs for it but can barely walk.

They eventually find her in an alley she is unconscious our maybe even dead. Ryan carries her body out.


Sandy: "I just go for the free meal"

Ryan: "My soul is fine"

Rachael: "6 seconds until the first insult. You're getting soft"

Sandy: "She's hot stuff son"
Seth: "And now it's ruined"

Kirsten: "PD office is your life. I don't want you to give that up"

Ryan: "Sounds like a plan"

Seth: "Watching TV. Its either Spongebob Square Pants or Jag"


Hmm, Marissa could well be, well I won't say, but the point is, all I can think about is what how Seth and Ryan are going to expain all this when they get back.

I was actually looking forward to Marissa and Luke's relationship being explorered although thats not looking too bright now. Nor is Jimmy and Julie's relationship I was expecting them to get back together. The cliche's of a drama are sometimes ignored too much.

And the kiss. Thats making it swirmish. Like the way The Office is funny. I mean its something you can hardly watch. If only my eyes were not glued to this show.


Music used in this episode:

"Good Day" by Luce
"A Movie Script Ending" by Death Cab for Cuties
"Out of Control" by The Chemical Brothers
"Ritmo De Oro" by Los Cubaztecas
"Le Conga de Santiago" by Los Cubaztecas
"Going Under" by Rockers Hi Fi
"Into Dust" by Mazzy Star