The Girlfriend

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 6
"Kirsten's father arrives and tention mounts between them"
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Everyone comes in with shopping and they discuss how Kirsten's father, Caleb, and his new girlfriend are coming. Ryan talks to Seth he is worried about meeting Caleb. His fears are justified as it turns out he did remember Ryan burned down one of his houses. Seth and Caleb leave and Ryan notices hi new girlfriend coming out of the pool - she is hot. She introduces herself as Gabrielle.

Role title screen. Seth and Ryan stare around at Gabrielle in the pool. She comes over to join them. They discuss Caleb's birthday party and who they are going to take to the party. Luke turns up at Marissa's house and invites her to the beach. Marissa suggests he rests but Luke says he doesn't want to waste any more time. He hands her a little bear type thing.

Marissa isn't forthcoming so Luke suggests they just hang out and watch a movie or lay by the pool. There is clearly tension between Kirsten and Caleb. He tells Kirsten he is demoting her so she can spend more time with her family. Kirsten is unhappy but he doesn't seem to notice and asks about Jimmy.

Julie talks to Jimmy and says she thinks she wants a divorce. At Marissa's house Ryan turns up to talk to Marissa but he sees Luke there. Luke seems cool with him and thanks him for taking him to the hospital. Ryan backs out of inviting Marissa to the party.

At the bar, Gabrielle turns up and asks for a drink from Ryan. Sandy tries to comfort Kirsten about what happened. She says she has worked so far. Sandy suggests she quits. Kirsten says he has never liked him and Sandy agrees starting from the point where he missed their weeding dates four times.

Marissa turns up at the bar to talk to Ryan. They go outside to talk and she tells Ryan that Luke wants to get back together. Ryan tells her to let him know when she has chosen. Marissa talks to Summer about what's happening. Summer tells her she has to choose between Ryan and Luke.

Seth and Ryan turn up at the same place Summer and Marissa are eating. Seth goes to talk to Summer. Ryan sits down when Summer leads Seth away. Ryan tells Marissa about the party but Marissa says Luke invited her this morning. At the food stand Summer gets Seth to lick her finger clean and gets him to invite her to the party just because she wants to go.

Sandy suggests to Kirsten that she quits and they move back to their old house. They have dinner, Seth announces that Summer asked him to go with him as a date. They ask Ryan but he says he is going by himself.

In the kitchen Sandy and Kirsten they discuss the plan but Caleb comes in. Sandy tells him everything even though Kirsten doesn't want to. Kirsten says it is nothing. Meanwhile Gabrielle, Seth and Ryan head to the pool house. Seth heads inside leaving Gabrielle and Ryan alone. Gabrielle comes on to Ran and they start kissing until Caleb calls her away saying they are leaving.

Seth questions Ryan about Gabrielle. Ryan admits to what happened. Kirsten continues to run around organising the party. Caleb and Gabrielle arrive. Kirsten tries to talk about last night but Caleb brushes her off. Gabrielle and Ryan share a moment, she tells him to find her later. Marissa, Summer and Luke arrive.

Luke is nice to Seth, Summer drags Seth away to introduce her to people. She tries to be really interested in the rich guys. Sandy finds Kirsten elsewhere and she tells him that he was speaking for her. Kirsten says that the reason they actually stayed her because they were happy. Jimmy turns up at the party.

Julie tells Jimmy to leave but he says he is going to ask Caleb for a job as he says Caleb really likes him and tried to get him to propose to Kirsten. Summer asks about Marissa choosing Luke. It's made clear that Luke and Marissa haven't had sex yet.

Ryan is outside listening to music. Gabrielle heads outside while Marissa stares deeply and heads out looking purposeful. Gabrielle says Ryan is hiding from Marissa. They begin kissing but Marissa comes in and interrupts them. She quickly apologises and leaves. She heads inside and starts making out with Luke and drags him away.

Ryan comes in to find her but they leave in Luke's car and head for his place. Summer continues to try and hit on businessmen. Julie comes up and talks to Jimmy. He says Caleb would not give him a job. Julie goes over to talk to Caleb and plays the sympathy card, Caleb invites Julie to dinner to work something out for her situation.

Summer goes over to find Seth but he says that she is just using him and that all the business guys don't care about her. Seth quotes part of a poem she wrote in 6th grade and she kisses him. She leaves and says she will introduce herself. Sandy talks to Caleb that if she doesn't want to lose Kirsten he should let her do what she is doing at the moment.

Caleb goes over to talk to Kirsten. They discuss about how Kirsten's mother died and how they don't know where her sister is - Kirsten is all he has. Caleb tells her not be late Monday. Elsewhere Gabrielle talks to Ryan while at Luke's place, he and Marissa get it on. When Marissa gets back Ryan approaches but she tells him he is too late.


Seth: "Oh my god that could be my grandma"

Gabrielle: "She can't say yes if you don't ask her"

Ryan: "I can relate"

Gabrielle: "By the time I got clean I was 22. Retirement age"

Marissa: "I can't believe you are actually going with Seth"

Marissa: "Isn't that a little mean to Seth?"
Summer: "Who? Kidding"

Seth: "You hucked up with my grandma?"

Jimmy: "Sorry but if there is a chance I can save this family - I'm going to take it"

Seth: "Greatest party ever"


I was suprised when Caleb did not give Jimmy a job. It seemed to me that the tension between Sandy and Caleb was caused by the fact that he wanted Kirsten to be with Jimmy as he liked him. Perhaps it made business sense.

Anyway I guess they used it to open up new storylines. Maybe a new storyline could open up with Kirsten's sister also. Looking promising for the next few episodes.


Music used in this episode:

"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz
"You're So Damn Hot" by Ok Go
"Wait for Me" by The Runaways
"Disco Church" by The Faders
"Break" by Palm Treet
"More Bounce (In California)" by Soul Kid #1
"Do You" by User
"Hollow" by Tricky