The Pilot

The O.C.

Series 1, episode 1
"Ryan is taken in by Sandy when he has no where else to go and is introduced to the O.C."
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Trey (Ryan's brother) breaks into a car and tells Ryan to get in. However cops come past and start chasing them, eventually catching him. Trey and Ryan are arrested. Later Ryan meets Sandy, the public defender that has been assigned to him. Ryan talks about how life sucks.

When Ryan is released until his hearing, his mother pulls up and reveals his dad is in prison, as is his brother now. Sandy gives Ryan his home phone number. Back at Ryan's home, his mother chucks him out.

After having no luck with his friends, he phones Sandy who agrees to let him crash. His wife Kirsten, is no happy when they get to Sandy's home, but agrees to let him stay in the poolhouse. Meanwhile Ryan, who is outside on the street, meets Marissa who lives next door. Then Marissa's boyfriend Luke pulls up in a car and she gets in. They drive off. Ryan meets Kirsten and their maid in the poolhouse.

Next morning Ryan meets Seth, Sandy's son and the play games on some random console. He then takes Ryan sailing. When they arrive back on the beach, Sandy tells them they are going to the fashion show at 7. It is made clear that Marissa likes Ryan.

Meanwhile at Marissa's house, some black suited gentlemen turn up. Marissa pretends her dad (Jimmy) is not in. She talks to him, and he tells her that it is nothing for her to worry about. Back in the poolhouse, Sandy shows Ryan how to put on a tie.

At the show, Ryan is introduced to what Seth calls The Darkside, with may chatty annoying people. The fashion show begins revealing a place of beautiful but rich snobbish style people.

Ryan overhears Jimmy crying in the bathroom, clearly about his financial situation. Later Summer invites Ryan to Holly's party and he and Seth jump into the girl's jeep. At the party the girls discuss Ryan and Summer mentions about playing him.

Menahile Luke leads a girl onto the beach while Marissa is elsewhere. The party is littered with boose, frugs and half naked girls. A drunk Summer comes on to Ryand and Seth gets the wrong idea and storms off onto the beach.

Seth is grabbed by Luke and his followereds who hold him upside down. Ryan comes to the recuse and gets into a fight with them. Afterwards they head off home. Once back at the poolhouse, Ryan watches Marissa's friends bring her home. See is unconscience but they cannot find her keys so they heave her on her driveway.

After her friends leave Ryan comes down and is also unable to find her keys so takes her to the poolhouse and lays her on his bed. Next morning, Kistin finds Seth in the poolhouse and is angry.

She talks to Sandy and later tells Ryan she wants him to leave. Sandy drives Ryan home, Marissa watches them drive away. When Ryan gets home he finds his family are gone along with all their stuff. Sandy takes him back.


Trey: "I'm your big brother, if I don't teach you this who will?"

Sandy: "Where's he suppose to go?
Kirsten: Look Ryan, I don't mean to play bad cop. It's nothing personal. Is that bacon?"

Ryan: "So - gotta jet"

Seth: "Cool. Eor, not cool"


As pilot episodes go, this one qas quite impressive. It gave a pretty good introduction and really sold the show. Or perhaps the show is just great anyway. The important point is it did the important job of getting me hucked :).

Marks for character introductions, not too bad. Most of the main characters are pretty clear, although I did have a quick introduction from Fox's extensive one page site.

The show is looking pretty promising, if they can keep up this standard of television for the length of the show.


Music used in this episode:
"Diamonds on the Inside" by Ben Harper
"Fade in, Fade Out" by Palo Alto
"California" by Phantom Planet
"Sweet Honey" by Slightly Stoopid
"All Around the World" by The Cooler Kids
"Swing, Swing" by All American Rejects
"Hands Up" by Black Eyed Peas
"I'm a Player" by The KGB's
"Into Dust" by Mazzy Star
"Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur
"Show Me" by Cham Pain
"Let it Roll" by Maximum Roach