The O.C. characters


Ryan Atwood Ryan Atwood
Benjamin McKenzie
Troubled teen Ryan is the central character to the O.C. In the opening episode his brother breaks into a car but the two are caught. Trey is sent down but Ryan is released and after being thrown out by his mother soon finds himself crashing with his understanding lawyer, Sandy. Ryan's mom is not the best one in the world and after kicking him out, they reunite in episode 3, only for her to get wasted as Casino Night, and leave the next morning, leaving Ryan in the care of Sandy and Kirsten.

Sandy Cohen Sandy Cohen
Peter Gallagher
As understanding lawyers go, Sandy is pretty good. Taking Ryan in when he has nowhere to go, Sandy can afford to live in The O.C. thanks to the high income his wife Kirsten is on. (he makes less than $100,000 a year. Not that that's nothing of course). Sandy enjoys surfing and does not enjoy the many functions organised by Kirsten. He realises there is a whole world outside The O.C. rather than the little cacoon that everyone else seems to live in.

Marissa Cooper Marissa Cooper
Kelly Rowan
If there was a prize for the person most part of the in crowd, Marissa would definatly be in contention. Marissa lives with her two parents, next door to the Cohens, although despite this she has had little contact with Seth, as he often points out. She starts off by dating Luke, which she has been doing basically forever according to Seth although it is clear when Ryan arrives that she has feelings for him, most notably in the early stages in episode 2 where she leaves the party with Luke to go see Ryan.

Seth Cohen Seth Cohen
Adam Brody
Son of Sandy and Kirsten, Seth is often considered to be a misfit, he does not enjoy social functions or regularly attend parties. He wishes he knew Marissa better and often drules over Summer, knowing their lives inside out desite not being a part of it. He becomes really good friends with Ryan as he is tired of living among, as he calls them Pod People, and considers Ryan to be a cool figurehead.

Kirsten Cohen Kirsten Cohen
Kelly Rowan
Wife of Sandy and mother of Seth, Kirsten works in retail development, earning a hell of a lot of money. She is originally opposed to letting Ryan stay but in the end brings him home when she sees he is going to get killed in prison for protecting her. Kirsten used to date Jimmy, who lives next door with his wife Julie and they are still obviously close when she agrees to lend him $100,000. She has many, what would be considered, more stuck up, friends that she has known since she was little. Her dad owns one of the major development and construction companies that builds stadiums amoung other things. He appeared in episode 6, his names Caleb. His wife is dead. Kirsten also had a sister but neither of them know where she is.

Luke Ward Luke Ward
Chris Carmack
Boyfriend of Marissa, he is mr. popular and captain of the water polo team, always been surrounded by his followers, gang, whatever you want to call them. He also waxes his chest. Luke has been involved in several fights with Ryan over Marissa amoung over things.

Jimmy Cooper Jimmy Cooper
Tate Donovan
Wife of Julie, father of Marissa and ex-boyfriend of Kirsten, he has remained on great terms with her as shown when she helped him out in a finacial crisis. Jimmy ran into some slight financial problems and lost around $4 million in his investments. After this Julie asked for a divorce and kicked him out. He enjoys walking his dog.

Julie Cooper Julie Cooper
Melinda Clarke
Wife of Jimmy, Julie is fairly stuck up even though she is originally from Riverside. She is confident with her body and still dresses like a teenager. She is one of the most prominant people in the adult social scene.

Summer Roberts Summer Roberts
Rachel Bilson
Summer is hot. And I am not talking about the season. It's not really hidden that Seth really fancies her and with good reason. Summer is best friends with Marissa and they are always at social gatherings together.