The O.C.

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The O.C. Ok so there is this bad kid, well sort of bad, not like evil, just a no good nic teen really. Anyway he gets taken in by a lawyer who lives in Orange County and sooner or later he is mr. popular. Hey its like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air all over again ;). The O.C. is also known as Orange County, California. That's where the beautiful people life. Its a wealthy, by-the-sea place where everyone is happy. Although behind the scenes its a world of none stop partying, bitching and generally entertaining situations. Ryan is the main character, Sandy is the lawyer, he has a wife Kirstin and a son, Seth. They live next door to Marissa, who's father is Jimmy. Jimmy has a wife, Julie. Marissa has a boyfriend, Luke.

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Ryan Atwood
Sandy Cohen
Marissa Cooper
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