The Enemy Within

Stargate SG-1

Series 1, episode 2
"The team must remove a Goa’uld larva from Kawalsky while attempting to stop Teal’c been shipped off as a guinea pig."
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Kawalsky and O’Neill are having a friendly argument over which planet they wish to visit when suddenly the gate activation siren goes off. The Goa’uld are trying to attack, there bodies crashing against the iris can be heard. During the attempted attack Kawalsky gets an headache which the Jack orders him to get checked out.

Jack and Hammond talk in Hammons office over Teal’c, Jack finds out that Teal’c is gonna be shipped off and used as a guinea pig. Jack then goes to visit Teal’c and tells him of he’s found news.

Kawalsky is been checked out over his headache, the doctor notices a lump in his back and attempts to touch it. Suddenly a Goa’uld larva takes control of Kawalsky, he kills the doctor. Sam and Daniel are giving a presentation when Daniel notices Kawalsky in the gate room. Kawalsky regains control and wonders where he is.

Colonel Kennedy starts interrogate Teal’c about the Goa’uld when suddenly Jack joins them. Teal’c reveals the threat of the Goa’uld and reveals that people from earth were taken to distance planets millennia ago.

Another doctor does an MRI on Kawalsky and the Goa’uld inside him can be seen, the doctor orders him off active duty and hits the alarm after seeing glowing eyes. Kawalsky attacks a number of individuals and tries’ to activate the gate. Carter attempts to stop him but is taken as an hostage when Jack also tries to intervene. Kawalsky runs to a lift, he eventually regains control forgetting the whole incident.

After the doctors findings are revealed, the complications of removing the Goa’uld are revealed. Teal’c also reveals that the Goa’uld will kill Kawalsky if they try and remove it.
Teal’c’ helps the doctor find a suitable anaesthetic after General Hammond gives the operation the go ahead. The operation is believed to be successful and Kawalsky survived with no damage.

Kennedy tells Hammond that Teal’c will be shipped out the next day, Kawalsky asks to see Teal’c and it is arranged. Kawalsky orders 2 soldiers that escorted Teal’c to leave the room. The Goa’uld takes over again and escapes. He once again tries to activate the gate he succeeds also setting the auto destruct. Teal’c meets Kawalsky in the gate room and stops him leaving while Jack and Hammond stop the auto destruct and shut the gate down.

Teal’c is now allowed to join SG-1 and the team set out on there first mission.


[ As Jack enters the Teal’c interrogation ]
Jack: "Permission to barge in sir?"

[ To Kawalsky just before the operation ]
Jack: "If you don't make it can I have your stereo?"



•The Jaffa have do not communicate with there Goa’uld
•The SGC is the first line of defence from the Goa’uld