Children of the Gods

Stargate SG-1

Series 1, episode 1
"Pilot episode in which the team return to Abydos to find Danial Jackson"
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A group of guards are having a game of cards just opposite the Stargate. The Stargate beings to activate and one of the guards’ rushes to call for help, while the other guards salvage weapons. A female guard approaches the now activated Stargate; a Goa’uld sensor comes through the gate followed by a group of Jaffa, one been Teal’c and Aphosis. The hostiles kidnap the female and kill the other guards; one Jaffa is taken out in the fire fight.

A number of military men arrive at Colonel O’Neill’s house and after finding the Colonel escort him to the SGC. After arriving at the SGC the Colonel is taken to see General Hammond who shows O’Neill the dead Jaffa. The general questions O’Neill on the Abydos mission from the movie. Only after threatening to send a bomb through to Abydos does O’Neill speak the truth.

O’Neill pleads for a mission with General Hammond who eventually comes around and allows a mission to Abydos after it is declared safe. A briefing takes place and we are introduced to Captain Samantha Carter

A team is organized and prepares to leave for Abydos. Once on Abydos Daniel and the Abydonians exchange welcomes with the team in the Abydos temple. Daniel takes Carter and O’Neill to view his findings and it is discovered that they are other gates all around the galaxy.

While the rest of the team are viewing Daniels findings an attack occurs in the Abydos temple. A group of Jaffa along with Aphosis and Teal’c come through the Abydos gate and kill a number of people. Two people are taken back through the gate with the hostiles including Skaara and Jackson’s wife Sha’re. Once the rest of the team arrives back at the temple Daniel is persuaded to come back to earth in that he will be able to find his wife, Daniel orders the Abydos gate buried for one year.

Skaara and Sha’re are placed in a large holding cell with many others. The female from the gate room earlier is also there. Teal’c comes in the cell takes Sha’re out of the cell to another location. At the hostiles planet the female from earth is chosen to be tested, by the alien queen who is a small parasite inside a human host. The female soldier is not accepted and is killed.

General Hammond announces the president’s plans of the SGC future and the SG teams. One of the soldiers from Abydos who was present when Abydos was attack saw the coordinates the hostiles left by. He writes down the coordinates in the SGC.

A rescue mission is organized to the coordinates and SG-1 and SG-2 travel to the coordinates. Once there SG-1 move out and come across a group of worshippers who lead them to a city. Sha’re is chosen next to be tested by the queen, the queen accepts her and uses her as her new host. SG-1 is taken to a room where Aphosis and Sha’re enter, Daniel jumps for Sha’re and the team are thrown in the large cell.

Aphosis soon enters the dungeon cell and starts selecting new Goa’uld hosts, one of them been Skaara. Aphosis orders the rest dead. O’Neill pleads with Teal’c, the leader of the guards who eventually listens and helps O’Neill escape.

Aphosis, Sha’re and Skaara leave through the Stargate. A fire fight occurs while SG-1, SG-2 and the refugees from the dungeon cell escape through the Stargate. Just before Kawalsky leaves a Goa’uld leaps into his mouth.


Hammond: "Have you thought of writing a book about your military exploits?"
Jack: "My work over the past 10 years has been classified so I'd have to shoot anyone who actually read it. (Pause) It's a joke, sir.”

[ After the box of tissues has gone through the gate ]
Major Samuels: "What if the aliens get it?"
Jack: "Well, they could be blowing their noses right now.”


The writers Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright did an excellent job of applying the information from the film to the first show. “Children of the Gods” was a great start to the series and really proved how far this show could go. The episode did have a view points which could have been improved. One example of this been Teal’c, giving us a greater understanding and maybe building more trust between Teal’c and O’Neill before he swapped sides would have been a better approach. Some areas also lack detail like on Abydos Daniel didn’t explain why he had guards protecting the Stargate. The show didn’t miss out any of the more important points that give us an understanding of what this shows about.


Abydos has about 5,000 residents.

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