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Stargate SG-1 After an afternoon of sitting around in the canteen there is nothing like hurtling down a wormhole to a different planet. And on a secret US Military base hidden deep within the mountain without the publics knowledge, there isn't too much else to do really. You see, the US Military keep dialing into stargates on different planets from their own stargate. And Stargate SG-1 is the main team that does the important missions. All the other team never have exciting adventures. The team consists of Commander Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson who pioneered getting the stargates to work Major Samantha Carter another scientist and Teal'c who happens to be an alien.

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Show Notes

• Each Jaffa has a small pouch where an infant Goa’uld resides until maturity.
• The Stargate can go to many more places.
• An iris is installed over the Stargate to stop any unwanted travellers getting through the gate.
• 9 SG teams are formed.

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