The Opening

Six Feet Under

Series 3, episode 9
"Clarie's and Rusell's art are put up for sale. Nate and Lisa make a breakthrough."
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Episode Guide

Opens with There She Goes music playing and someone leaving notes for everyone and packing her stuff. She then climbs into the car and lefts the exhaust fumes take hold. Meanwhile at an art gallery, Claire erects one of her prints on the wall ready for sale.

David does not want to talk to Keith about their 3 way. Nate talks to Lisa about their problems. Lisa asks him if he wants them to split up, Nate says he doesn’t know. David and Keith go to she a shrink. He suggests they should lay down some group rules about having 3 way sex.

Everyone heads out to the art gallery where Claire’s work is for sale. Claire and Russell go look at Russell’s piece to discover someone has already bought it. Claire suggests her piece is on such a prominent display because it’s not so good.

Oliver, Claire’s teacher talks to ex-student Billy. Claire walks up and Oliver tells her Billy was his best student. Oliver leaves and Billy tells Claire he was sleeping with him. Nate and Lisa bump into Brenda and Nate introduces them.

Claire watches all the other pieces sell but hers remains there. Meanwhile Rico presents Vanessa with a candlelit drink. However she tells him she cannot drink while taking her anti depressant pills. At the gallery David finds Keith smoking pot. Ruth and Arthur take a look at Claire’s work.

In the bathroom Lisa tells Brenda she didn’t tell Nate they had met before. Brenda gets Lisa to admit she knew who she was when she came into the spar. Lisa breaks down and Brenda passes her a tissue.

Elsewhere Rico is asleep while Vanessa watches Zena. Lisa and Nate talk it out. They decide to continue together but to take the pressure off each other. They start kissing but Brenda distracts them by entering the pyramid.

Claire is sitting by her painting. It finally get a sold sticker however she works out it was bought by Russell. Back at home Ruth and Arthur grow closer to each other. At a bar Keith and David discuss the rules for 3 ways. Brenda enters a room to find Oliver having sex with her mother.

Arthur goes back to his room. Ruth seems disappointed. Next morning David wakes up with Keith and a guy from the bar. Nate and Rico attend the funeral of the suicide victim. A college of Vanessa’s gives her some new pills to try.

Brenda moves in with her brother. Russell tells Claire Oliver bought his piece. Nate and Lisa seem much more settled.


Brenda: “Well I’m still living with my mother”

David: “You’re smoking pot now?”
Keith: “You want some?”

Lisa: “He doesn’t love me the way he loved you”

Lisa: “You want to be lovers still?”