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Six Feet Under As much as we try to hide it and pretend its aweful, death is well, entertaining. A point never put so forcefully as with the show, Six Feet Under spiraling around Nate and David who inherit their fathers funeral business when ironically, he dies. Along with them are their mother Ruth, their sister Claire, her boyfriend Russell, Rico their employee and close family friend, his wife Venessa their apprentice Arthur, David's Boyfriend Keith, Nate's wife Lisa and I am just getting started. This all makes for a great show. Each episode is in the format of opening with someone death and the episode then goes on as arrangements are made by the family to a back drop of the relationships and poletics that are always going on.

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Although in our episode list, the episodes are numbered by what number in the series they are, HBO gives them numbers based on the entire run from series 1.

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