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Series 3, episode 12
"The super-doc with obsessive compulsive disorder, Dr. Kevin Casey arrives."
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Dr. Cox tells JD that when he was a resident he had all sorts of problems with metabolic diseases but he did loads of cases until he got his head around them. Turk is congratulated on a great surgery. Todd makes an ‘X-Box’ joke but it doesn’t turn out to well as there are no women around.

Super-doc arrives – he has two specialities. He comes in several times to do the super-doc thing as he has obsessive compulsive disorder. JD talks to him when Dr. Cox arrives and its clear they are reunited from their resident days.

JD mentions he loves pirates and asks Dr. Cox to come out for a beer with him. On the roof Ted and Dr. Kelso are looking out. Dr. Kelso uses a hooter to scare the birds that keep crapping on his car away. Ted lets it out that they keep returning as when he doesn’t have the courage to jump, he passes the time on the roof by throwing bird seed but Dr. Kelso ignores him.

Dr. Kelso tells Ted that the medical waste company are refusing to take their regular trash. The Janitor and his associate Randle appear and say they will take care of it all for a small fee. Meanwhile JD admires Dr. Kevin Casey (super-doc’s) work and says he wishes he was more of a swash buckling doctor.

Turk rubs it in that his procedure was faster than Dr. Win’s. The janitor tells Dr. Kelso he has got rid of all the trash. Dr. Cox is talking to Carla. JD comes in with a scan and Dr. Cox is stumped about what is wrong with the patient. Dr. Casey pops his head round the door and points out what the disease is.

Turk tells Dr. Casey he should be honoured that Turk is going to watch his surgery but Dr. Casey flattens him with an amazing time. Doug tells JD he doesn’t think pirates are cool and JD tells him he isn’t cool. Dr. Casey asks JD to join him for a beer that night.

At rounds Dr. Cox is being joined by Dr. Casey tells the residents that today they will be getting their text books and quizzing himself and Dr. Casey in a competition. Meanwhile Dr. Kelso continues to question the Janitor on what they did with the trash.

The quiz continues and Dr. Casey suggests they call it a tie but Dr. Cox insists they continue. He gets JD to ask a question and he asks one on metabolic diseases. Dr. Cox is unable to answer but Dr. Casey does and Dr. Cox lays beaten on the floor. Well metaphorically anyway. JD’s voiceover comments on how others can shake your foundation to the core.

Turk is watching Dr. Casey’s procedure again and Dr. Win says he is out of their league. That night JD and Dr. Casey are having a beer. Dr. Casey puts a coaster on top of his beer every time he sets it down. Next day Dr. Cox, Turk and JD are sitting around after getting no sleep due to them being shaken by Dr. Casey, although he does not know it.

Ted tries to jump of the building again. Dr. Cox, Carla and Jordan have a chat about Dr. Casey and why he bothers him so much. Turk describes the procedure to Elliot while see times in but even when imagining it; he still can’t beat Dr. Casey’s time. Elliot rubs it in that Turk has been knocked down so much.

A split screen between Turk, JD and Dr. Cox with a voiceover from JD tells how they are all blaming Dr. Casey for their short comings. However when they go to look for him, nobody can find him. Dr. Kelso asks JD if he knows what happened to all the trash. Behind him the left opens and the Janitor is there with dozens of bags of trash. JD says he doesn’t know what is happening to it all.

Ted is still up on the roof. Dr. Kelso comes out with the hooter to scare the birds away and Ted, surprised, falls backwards and off the roof. He seems really happy but he lands in the huge pile of trash at the bottom where Randle and the Janitor have been hiding it all.

JD finds Dr. Casey washing his hands. Dr. Casey tells him that his last surgery was two hours ago but he still can’t stop washing his hands. But he says he is not going to be one of those problems that dumps his problems on someone else. JD’s voiceover points out the three of them didn’t actually need anything.


Dr. Cox: “I always knew I would see you again”
[ to JD later ]
Dr. Cox: “I never thought I would see that guy again”

JD: “Still I’ve gotta stay cool. I know I’m prone to hero worship”

JD: “The French would help with the worship”

Janitor: “Randle. You, me, on the roof. Winner takes all.”
Randle: “Never learn do you”

Dr. Cox: “You make up today does not in any way make you look like a desperate bowling alley prostitute”
Carla: “What’s with all the sweet talk?”

JD: “Eye contact. He respects me.”

Dr. Casey: “I believe the word you’re looking for is holy crap”
Turk: “Holy crap”

Dr. Casey: “Ah yes, blonde girl, you have yet another question?”

JD: “You really had trouble with metabolic diseases?”
Dr. Cox: “No, I’m a good doctor”

Dr. Cox: “Did you just diagnose the Oatmeal?”

JD: “It’s like when Kelso gave you a cup cake because you went four days without killing a patient”
Doug: “That was awesome”

JD: “Wait. Doug get the hell out of here”