Escobar Gallardo

Nip Tuck

Series 1, episode 13
"Sean and Christian end up operating on girls who are smuggling heroin inside their breasts."
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Episode Guide

A patient comes in complaining about her breasts. The get it work in the surgery and have the implants removed. They notice that it is large and off colour. They are interrupted and told that it is heroin inside the implants.

Christian threats to call the police but Escobar tells them that he will talk to the police about where they dumped the body of a previous patient. He asks them for $300,000 to pay him back for the money stolen for him to pay for the previous surgery. They say they don’t have access to that kind of money.

Gina and Christian have a heated discussion over his ability to be a father. He and Sean struggle to get the money together. They pay him some although its twenty grand short. Escobar tells them he has more girls coming. Sean says they won’t operate any more but Escobar threatens them with a knife.

Christian calls Sean and tells him they have to do the second operation and then they will be done. Christian hangs up and continues to follow the address to Gina’s house which turns out to be a House Boat.

Sean heats out for a late surgery but Julia confronts him. They leave on bad terms. Sean and Christian are ready for surgery but Escobar comes in and tells them there is a problem and there is a change of plan. He leads them to his place where a woman is running a very high fever. Escobar gets his drugs from the women and leaves.

Julia takes Sofia to talk about the other women wanting her out of the gym. But Sofia thinks she wants to talk about her problem with Sean. Next time in class Sofia joins Julia but everyone else leaves.

In surgery, the women tells them she is going to get her work permit from the fake modelling agency set up by Escobar. But Sean tells her it doesn’t exist and she will have to go once her tourist visa expires. Escobar turns up at Julia’s house, she tells him to get out but he refuses. He tells her to tell Sean he was here then leaves.

Christian goes to see Gina and tells her to move in with him. Sean goes and confronts Escobar but his assistant puts a gun to his head. He sits Sean down and makes him watch him as he screws a woman and says that if he wanted he could have Julia like this.

At Christian’s place, he tells Gina she can sleep in his head. He fells the baby kicking. Next day Sean tells Christian what happened. They go for an interview and find another women who doesn’t like her breasts.


Sean: “We are not going to operate on your slaves anymore”

Escobar: “That’s delicious, what is that? Organic? Tell Sean I stopped by and I met his beautiful family”

Sean: “If you even look at my family guy I will kill you”

Escobar: “That if I wanted it. This, this could be your wife”