I, Borg

Star Trek: Next Generation

Series 5, episode 23
"When the Enterprise captures a Borg, the crew gradually grow attachmented to it."
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Enterprise is charting srars in an area being considered for colonisation. Data detects a transmission and Enterprise heads off towards it to investigate. They find a planet and beam down to its surface where they find a week life sign - a borg.

Dr. Crusher convinces Picard to beam it aboard and it is beamed into a holding cell. Thro goes to talk to Picard about it, worried about his previous experiance with the Borg however he says he is fine.

Later, Picard talks to Geordi about changing the borg into a virus that would infect the rest of the collective. All the senior staff agree to the plan except Beverly. Picard says that he is justified in the annihilation of an entire species.

Meanwhile in the holding cell the borg is up and walking, trying to find an access terminal. Later Guinan expresses her concern to Picard about having a Borg onboard, with a very anti-borg view, not that this is not justified in her situation.

In the holding cell, Geordi and Worf go in to adapt the power cell so that the borg can feed from the energy. He begins talking to Geordi. Later, when Geordi beams the borg to the science lab to run some tests, Geordi names him Hugh.

Geordi talks to Guinan about the emotion he is begging to feel. Guinan tells Geordi the borg are evil and will not have the ethical debate he appears to be having. He tells Guinan to go and talk to Hugh. Meanwhile on the bridge Enterprise detects a borg cube heading their way on long range sensors.

Guinan talks to Hugh and tells him the borg wiped out most of her species. Later Geordi is talking to Hugh again and he refers to Geordi as a friend. Geordi and Data talk to Picard about the virus then Geordi tells Picard he is having second thoughts. Picard contains to take his hard line on the issue however.

Picard then goes to talk to Hugh (so much talking hu ;) and discovers he is becoming an individual. Picard tells the senior staff that he has reconsidered the plan They decide to give Hugh a choice. He wants to stay with Geordi but decies to go back so that the Enterprise will be safe.




Set in stardate 45854.2, the original airdate was 05.11.92.