The day the Earth stood stupid


Series 4, episode 7
"An aggressive range of brains try to destroy all thought on planet Earth."
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Leela enters Nibbler into a sheep herding contest. The Hypno Toad makes a great job of it whereas Nibbler eats all the sheep. Bender enters Zoidburg but he eventually runs off after Bender whips him too much.

They work out the Earth is next inline to be destroyed. Nibbler leaves in a spaceship but Leela is going to be attacked by Flying Brains who are the ones planning to take over the Earth so Nibbler takes her with him.

The brains spread some kind of beam and everyone is acting really weird except Fry. In the spaceship Nibbler explains to Leela that the hovering brains are making everyone on Earth more stupid and they are heading back to Nibbler’s home planet.

Back on Earth everyone is suggesting crazy ideas to do such as buying internet stock and joining a reform party. In the space ship they arrive on Nibbler’s home planet. He is referred to as Lord Nibbler: Ambassador to Earth. They explain to Leela how the brains and themselves have existed throughout all time and battle against each other.

They tell him nobody can stop the brain except one person – Fry. They say the fate of all worlds rests in his special mind. As a side note Nibbler’s species, Nillbloanian’s are always shown as quite, their mothership is all red with heart symbols.

Leela arrives back on Earth but it stupid. Leela gives Fry the note but he uses it to blow his nose then throws it in the fire. Leela tells Fry that he has to fight the giant brain. He heads towards the library to find the giant brain as he figures that it is simply a giant nerd. He finds it in the ancient knowledge section.

The giant brain tries to stop Fry with a brain beam but it has no effect. Fry notices that thinking hearts his brain so Fry tries to think of a topic and thinks a lot. It weakens the brains but the giant brain transports Fry into a book. He goes into several other books and gets out but then his plan backfires and he crushes himself to death.

However it turns out Fry was writing a book and has trapped the giant brain inside it. The big brain is defeated and leaves Earth and Nibbler’s species eat all the other planets.


Host: “All glory to the Hypno Toad”

Leela: “So every religion is wrong.”

Fry: “Man, even the news monster is acting weird”

Nibbler: “God help us. God help us all.”
Leela: “Time for a dippy change.”