I Dated a Robot


Series 3, episode 15
"Fry downloads a Lucy Liu bot from the internet but an army of them ins unleased."
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Episode Guide

There is a really weird type dream. It turns out to be on TV. Fry comes in and tells them he saw something amazing. But they all say they feel like that all the time. Fry asks why they aren’t going out to do everything he ever wanted. So Leela suggests they do it.

Fry destroys a planet, then asks to go to the edge of the universe. After they look at the parallel universe, Fry rides a dinosaur. The dinosaur eats Fry’s hands and get some new hands. He wants to be romantically linked to a celebrity. Leela suggests they use the internet to download a celebrity.

The Proffesor tells Fry that Lucy Liu is programmed to like her. She nags Fry to register her. Fry is intoxicated her even though she is so obviously a bot. Fry says she is just like her movies, she says her personality is based on her movies, proportionally weighted by box office success.

Fry discovers they have Lucy Liu and downloads her into an empty robot. The gang confront Fry about him dating a robot. They remember that as he is from the past he never saw the school propaganda video called ‘I dated a robot’ in which Billy dates a robot but he does nothing but make out with his robot and so his life degrades.

Fry ignores the video but Bender, Leela and Zoidberg go down to Nappster and tell them to shut down. But the fat nerd with pink hair tells them the internet is a place where you can freely exchange other peoples ideas. They hear voices and find out all the celebs (well their heads) are being held prisoner to make illegal copies of them.

The uncovered sign shows that Napster is actually Kidnapster. The nerds put in a backup disk and make loads of Lucy Liu clones to try and stop Bender, Leela and Zoidberg. They take out one but then spot the army heading towards them.

They run into a cinema and find Fry and his Lucy Liu bot watching a movie. The army follows them so they run up into the projector room. However the robots begin building a human pyramid to reach them. Zoidberg opens a bag of popcorn which floods the cinema.

However the Lucy Liu bots eat all the popcorn. Fry’s bot sacrifices herself to kill all the bots which works. The real Lucy Liu tells Fry to blank out the robot. He doesn’t want to but blanks her out in the end.


Subtitle: “No humans were probed in the making of this episode”

Zoidberg: “Ifs funny. You live in the universe but you never do these things until someone comes to visit.”

Fry: “Hey I have an idea, lets do that”

Professor: “Oh no. She’s stick in an infinite loop and he’s an idiot”

Narrator: “The next day Billy’s planet was destroyed be aliens”

Lucy Liu: “Robot crouching tiger.”

Bender: “Get lost Pavarotti”

Lucy Liu: “Poetic image number 34 not found”

Lucy Liu: “I’ll always remember you Fry. Memory deleted”