High Holidays


Series 11, episode 11
"Niles plans to be a rebel by taking drugs but ends up getting Martin stoned."
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Down at the coffee house, Martin tells Roz he is watching his weight. Fraiser introduces Martin to Natalie who likes Eddie. They leave Fraiser and Natalie alone and they talk about a promo they are planning to do. Martin and Eddie return and Eddie jumps onto Fraiser’s lap. Natalie says Eddie should be in the commercial.

Fraiser comes home with Eddie and tells Martin the commercial went well. Martin has decorated the entire house in Christmas decorations. Niles and Daphne come in followed by Freddy who is now a goth. Fraiser says he doesn’t understand but Freddy storms off. Daphne says it’s just a phase and he will get over it.

Daphne asks Niles how he rebelled but Martin points out he has never been bad. Fraiser offers to catch a movie with Freddy but he says he is going to catch a movie with Annie, a fellow goth. He leaves.

Later Natalie comes to talk to Fraiser at the coffee house. Fraiser invites her to celebrate with her with a drink. She agrees for them to meet up at 7. Niles comes up and they discuss his plans. Fraiser tells Niles he feels slightly rejected by Freddy hanging out with his goth friends. Niles tells Fraiser he is waiting for someone as he is going to rebel tonight by getting high.

Fraiser wonders who would sink low enough to give him drugs. Roz arrives and makes the drop. Niles runs out to stop his car alarm and Roz tries to give the drugs to Fraiser but he leaves. Martin comes in and Roz gives him the drugs. He opens the package but does not realise what it is and consumes it. He replaces it with a brownie and gives it to Niles.

Niles turns round to see cops and freaks out and ends up leaving very suspiciously. Freddy arrives back with Annie and hands Fraiser a tape. It is the commercial. He has been replaced by Eddie. Freddy tells Fraiser he has plans for all tomorrow but Fraiser tells him he wants him to spend some time here. Freedy leaves.

Niles arrives and tells Fraiser he is high as he doesn’t realise he has been eating a regular brownie. He tells Fraiser about the stages he can expect to go through – perhaps he is physiologically high. They hear Martin laughing uncontrollably outside, Niles lets him in. He is clearly high. Niles points out he is acting weird.

Martin sits down and sees Fraiser’s commercial and thinks he is seeing a talking dog. Fraiser tells Niles he should not be chopping in his condition and tells Martin to do it for him. Niles is acting stoned and cooking himself something in preparation for him going through the ‘munchies’ stage.

Fraiser comes back to find Martin isn’t wearing an trousers. Fraiser works out Martin eat the brownie and is now high. Niles tells Fraiser he thought that Martin wasn’t really acting weird, he was just thinking it because of the drugs. Fraiser tells Niles he saw Natalie with someone else. Niles says he is completely incapable of rebelling but Fraiser points out he got their cop father stoned.

Freddy returns and tells Fraiser he was dumped by Annie. Fraiser tells him they can have cerial and talk over the times it has happened to Fraiser.


Freddy: “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it”

Fraiser: “Alright, what’s up?”
Niles: “I am”

Martin: “That’s what I giant would do. They should let everybody be a giant for a day”

Martin: “I had a reason. Fridge pants”