A picture worth 1,000 bucks

Family Guy

Series 2, episode 4
"Peter tries to live his dream through his kids when Chris's painting is sold to a big art dealer."
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Lois takes Peter to funland for his birthday. Peter hits a mini golf ball and smashes stuff up. Bob asks them to leave. Bob tells him the park is his legacy and Peter gets depressed.

Chris made a painting for Peter which Peter later sells for $5,000 and they're invited to New York. The family go sight seeing while Chris gets a new image. The art dealer tells Chris (da bell) he can never see his father again.

Peter is angry and tries his live his dream through Megan instead. Chis's paintings is revealed - its a lot of pictures of Peter's - nobody likes it. Calvin Kleine then hires Stewie for his new line of dipers.


Peter: "Lois you know its illegal for women to drive."

Steven King: "This couple is attacked by, er, er, a lamp monster."
Publisher: "Your not even trying any more are you?"

Devil: "Ah heck were's a lawyer when I need one?"

Peter: "Hey do you guys have any bell hops that are red like the muppets?"

Chris: "Ach! Are you the matrix?"

Peter: "Work of art of container of crazy purple knockout gas"