Brian in Love

Family Guy

Series 2, episode 2
"Brain gets a crush on Lois."
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Episode Guide

Opens with Stewie's destroyed the land of make belief and kills Rojers before waking up. Lois finds pee on the carpet and blaimes Stewie. It turns out to be Brian.

Peter checks out a book on potty training. Stewie resists it. Brian pees in the supermarket and the family realise. Brian goes to talk to a shrink. Hes goes travelling and returns home feeling fine. Stewie pees everywhere and blames it on Brian.

Brian goes back to the strink who tells him hes in love with Lois. He gets over it eventually when he talks to her.


Lois: "Perter you've been wearing that giant foam coweboy hat for 8 months now, please, for your family, take it off."

Lois: "a nice way for you and Stewie to bond"
Peter: "Bond. James Bond."

Guy: "Then you want your a naughty child and thats concentrated evil coming out of the back of you."

Peter (to Brian): "Oh my god - you can talk!"

Peter: "Salad. No, no, wait, soup, soup!"

Peter: "Er hold on, I'm sorry Meg, this is a really boring story."

Lois: "Stewie. Did you unhuck mummy's bra?"