Da Boom

Family Guy

Series 2, episode 1
"The Y2K bug hits but thankfully Peter was prepared for it."
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Peter goes shopping and talks to a chicken who tells him about W2k bug. Peter makes his family computer in the basement while they wait for the millenium. Turns out the world does end.

Peter eats all the food so they head off to find a twinky factory and after seriously injouring Randy Newman they make it to Natick. Peter founds New Quahog whilw Steie's arms mutate into tenticles. Peter runs the town while Stewie lays loads of eggs.

Peter makes gun from waterpipes and as a result Peter, Lois, Meg and Chris get chucked out. The towns people burn the guns and are attacked by an army of Stewies.


Peter: "Yeah theres nothing like a party at someone elses house. You never have to worry about cleanign up the mess."

Peter: "Wo wo wo, I dont take coupons from giant chickens. Not after last time."

Stewie: "Do the huggies make my ass look big?"

Chris: "Oh my god the government is here. Run ET run!"

Peter: "Holy crap! Anybody else feel that?"

Peter: "Everyone leave, I hae to poop. Now!"