Family Guy characters


Peter Griffin Peter Griffin
Seth MacFarlane
As with The Simpsons, Peter is the lovable yet clumby oaf of the family who manages to get through his life without the use of common sense, tact or smart ideas. Family Wife Lois, three children, Brian, Meg and Stewie, dog named Brian Occupation Safty inspector - Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factor Lives Quahog, Rhode Island

Lois Griffin Lois Griffin
Alex Borstein
Wife of Peter, Lois spends her time at home cooking, cleaning, and looking after her baby son Stewie. Luckily she cares for him so much she doesn't notice the fact that he is trying to kill her. Family Married to Peter Griffin, three kids, Meg, Chris, Stewie. Occupation Housewife Location Quahog, Rhode Island

Meg Griffin Meg Griffin
Mila Kunis
Megan, aged sweet sixteen is generally one of those teenage depressives trying to be accepted by the popular kids despite having knock backs. Family Father Peter, mother Lois. Occupation Student Location Quahog, Rhode Island

Chris Griffin Chris Griffin
Seth Green
Despite only being thirteen, Chris is freakin' heavy, who likes nothing better than eating hotdogs. Still who doesn't like to eat hotdogs discounting veggie hippies of course. Family Father Peter, mother Lois. Occupation Student Location Quahog, Rhode Island

Stewie Griffin Stewie Griffin
Seth MacFarlane
A baby after my own heart, Stewie is only one year old and already has his eyes set on world domination. With an evil voice and mind the only thing that can stop him from his goal - Lois. Family Father Peter, mother Lois. Occupation None - hes a baby duh! Location Quahog, Rhode Island

Brian Brian
Seth MacFarlane
At first glance Brian appears to be the family dog, however he is so much more - a true gentleman and very well spoken, he is best friends with Peter. Family Best friends with Peter, thats about it Occupation Being a dog Location Quahog, Rhode Island