Big Shots

Everybody Loves Raymond

Series 3, episode 19
"Ray gets a big head when he takes Robert to the Baseball Hall of Fame."
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Frank and Ray are watching boxing. Marie arrives and comments on the nice weather and asks Ray to take him to the Baseball Hall of Fame as they are honouring the New York Metz. They convince Ray to take Robert.

On the drive over Robert says he wants to get his dog’s collar signed but Ray says no. When they arrive all the baseball stars arrive Ray tries to get to the front of the cue but they are told the press day was yesterday. Ray gets talking to one of the stars and tries to cut to the front of the cue.

Ray keeps trying to get to the front even though Robert says they should go to the back of the line. Eventually Ray gets thrown out. At a restaurant they discuss what happened and Robert tells him he is no longer jealous of him as he is spoilt and removed from reality whereas Robert is humble.

Robert rubs it in and continues to point out all Ray’s flours. On the drive home Ray says no talking. Robert hums so Ray turns up the radio and they try to compete with each other. They continue to annoy each other. They get pulled up by a cop who tells them he was doing 55 in a 40 zone. Ray suggests Robert tells him what he does for a living but Robert keeps his mouth shut.

Robert shows him his badge and tries to get Ray out of it, but the officer says he has to write the ticket. Robert argues a bit and just gets Ray into more trouble. Robert isn’t happy, Ray takes a picture. The baseball stars arrive at the restaurant but are stopped from cutting in by the same guy that stopped Ray.

Ray and Robert start singing on the way home and seem to reconcile.


Some guy: “Good. Give us a report about the back of a line”

Robert: “I mean, how often do I get to see the Raymond doesn’t get everything show”

Ray: “Great. For a guy who made a tee-pee from his French fries”



From what I gather, Ray's column isn't national. It's only in the New York version of NewsWeek. But I don't know how the system works so I could be wrong.