Robert's Date

Everybody Loves Raymond

Series 3, episode 15
"Robert goes socalising with his partner Judy."
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Opens with Robert driving around chatting to his partner. He says he usually hangs out at his brothers house, so his partner invites him out. Later Raymond questions Robert about why he is going out with Judy and her friends. Frank and Marie arrive and are surprised when Robert is ‘just going out.’

Marie is clearly very uncomfortable with the fact Judy is black. Robert is comfortable at the club too although Judy is over active. Robert eventually gets into dancing and has the whole club watching him. Robert turns up later wearing a bright yellow suite emerged in black culture from hanging with Judy.

Marie and Frank suggest Ray talk to him but Ray says he will get over it. Judy invites Robert out, just the two of them. Robert is nervous and gets Ray to come along to break it up. Robert goes to find the waiter and Judy confesses all her feelings to Ray. Ray tells Judy he thinks Robert doesn’t want to be his boyfriend.

Judy laughs and tells Ray that she only wanted time alone because she wanted to tell him he is getting a little bit too ‘ethnic.’ Judy suggests that Ray tells him and leaves. Robert returns and thinks Ray told her but Ray explains about him acting all black and everything.

Robert moans that he is a freak but Ray says that Robert is her friend as he has been her partner as a cop for six years now. Next time Robert goes out with Judy he decides not to fit in and dances like a crazy person.


Debra: “What are they, furniture?”

Frank: “What the hell is going on with you?”

Frank: “What did you call me dog for?”

Ray: “How about being across the street with it?”

Ray: “He used to take medication just to get up to mopey”

Ray: “We’re Italian, ok. Whack means something else to us”