Ping Pong

Everybody Loves Raymond

Series 3, episode 14
"Ray gets into a ping pong game with Frank after discovering the last time they played, Frank let him win."
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Ray and Robert carry a bit role of fabric into the basement. Marie leaves, Robert talks about how Frank used to beat them at ping pong. Marie arrives back and tells Ray that Frank let him win when he beat him.

Ray confronts Frank who says he let him win. Ray challenges him to a match. That night Ray is up all night practising. He tells Debra this match is really important to him and gets her to help him practise by talking trash to him.

Next day Robert gets the table ready and Frank arrives in a jogging top ready for the match. He serves first and begins the voodoo and trashing talking that rhymes. He does the little dance every time he wins a point. Ray is getting beaten.

Ray goes for a slam shot and catches his hand on the table. Robert is routing for Frank but Marie tells him to talk trash back. It goes down to the final point and Frank points out Ray has moisture in his eye. Frank wins the final point.

Ray tells Frank he let him win. Frank challenges him to a rematch but Ray refuses and Frank storms off. Marie tells him he shouldn’t have taken Frank’s dignity away but Ray stays strong in his position.

In the kitchen Frank and Ray talk it out. Frank tells him life sucks and you just have to be tough. That is why he was so hard on Ray because he was trying to help him. Frank then says they stopped because Ray beat him. Ray admits he didn’t let Frank win. Frank continues his victory dance.


Raymond: "Got it with my Rayman spin ball"

Marie: "He made my Raymond cry"

Frank: "You think some punk kid is going to beat me?"

Ray: "Sorry no sex before a game"
Debra: "Yeah that’s not a problem"

Debra: "Then tomorrow I need to see a lawyer about devoicing you"

Robert: "Don’t get all worked up. Its more of an anti dad thing than pro you"

Ray: "It means shut up Robert, that’s what it means"

Ray: "No jerk I think works"