King of the Hill


Series 3, episode 15
"Sam gets involved in a charity baseball match with playmates."
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Sam gets back to find Coach has bought a pool table for $600. Norm tells Cliffy his mother in law is in town and reveals he left her in a car. Diane points out that was probably a mistake. Lenny Barnes enters the bar and tells Coach he wants to speak to Sam about a charity baseball game.

Diane backs Coach up that Sam wouldn’t be interested but Lenny tells them that Sam has already agreed and he was just here to get some publicity shoots. Carla comes back with Sam. Coach asks Sam about it.

Sam is ready for the shots and Lenny ushers in some Playboy playmates. One of them tells Norm his car is being toed away. They start taking photos with the playmates as they get a quick interview with Sam.

Later Norm and Cliffy return from the match debating the playmates best move. Sam returns and brags about his huge victory. Diane points out it was for fun, it’s clear that Sam took it way too seriously.

There is a strong discussion between them and Sam goes off into the back room. Diane comes into the back room and tells him that his problem is that he has a fear of losing and it’s this which drove him to drinking which ended his career. Sam tells Diane he has always been like this.

Sam opens up to Diane and Diane offers a story in return but Sam keeps cutting her off with his problem. Sam and Diane begin to argue over their discussions. Same says their relationship never worked because Diane always had to have the last say. Same points out she is also competitive.

Sam challenges Diane to a game of ping pong, she initially refuses but is soon drawn into a game as they battle it out for several hours until the bar is empty. Diane finally stops playing and gets Sam to put down his paddle, when he walks away Diane serves and wins. Sam advances on her with a paddle.


Norm: “She wants to go sight seeing”
Cliffy: “Tell her to go to Florida”

Coach: “Incidentally it’s called a mound. Unless we’re not talking about the bump”

Sam: “The only thing I have thrown in the last 10 years is Diane’s mum out of here”

Cliffy: “You know how they treat solid waste?”
Carla: “You said they treated you well”

Diane: “You wouldn’t to beat them more than you wanted to bed them”

Sam: That’s why they call them paddles”