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Button Moon The 80's were a time of refreshingly wierd shows. One of these was the delightful Button Moon in which a bunch of strange looking characters made interstella space travel look like a trip to the supermarket, all be it in the 1950's. Of course the biggest mystery is why an actual button was used for the moon. Perhaps the title came first, who can say. Another strange occurance it seems to me is that the theme tune, "we are off to Button Moon, we'll follow Mr. Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon..." and so forth never made it to number 1 in the charts. But what do I know, maybe it did. The show created some timless characters - Mr. Spoon, Mrs. Spoon, Tina (the daughter, quite an illusive creature by all accounts), and her friend Eggbert. There is of course also the Bottles and the Sining Hotpots though its much debated these were put in simply to distract the audience from something else.

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