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Series 5, episode 12
"Cordelia mysteriously wakes up to give Angel an important message from the Powers That Be."
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Angel, Gunn and Wesley arrive with Fred looking for something. It looks like there has been some kind of ritual there. There are many dead nuns covered in blood. Angel says it is Greenway and that he will find him and kill him. However Wesley says it was a ritual to jump to a different dimension. Angel says he can’t do this anymore and quits Wolfram and Heart.

In hospital Cordelia wakes up with a start. Back at the office they discuss Angel quitting. They try to convince him. Gunn says the senior partners will not be happy if they walk out but Angel suggests he might not want to leave. He agrees and says that they should be doing what they are doing. They are interrupted by a phone call about Cordelia.

Angel and Wesley go to see her and she is up and apparently healthy. They tell her everything is fine. Wesley offers to take Cordelia shopping and she says that would be great as she is not ready to go back to the hotel yet. They take her back to the office but she is clearly freaked out.

At the office floor everyone reunites and hugs and so on. Cordelia asks where Conner is but Angel breezes over the issue. Angel gets everyone else out of the room and tells Cordelia about Wolfram and Heart. Cordelia tells Angel that she was woken up by a vision showing that Angel would be in trouble and there were weird symbols. Cordelia points out Eve has entered.

She arrives and tells Angel the partners are not happy about one of their clients skipping into another dimension. Angel tells her to get out but she tells Angel that she is a liaison to the senior partners and cannot control her. Eve comes in and tells Cordelia they got close at Lorne’s party. Cordelia is concerned about the type of people they are doing business with now.

Spike is playing on a games console. Doyle pays a visit to Spike and tells him to get out more. He gets a phone call from Eve telling him about Cordelia being awake. Spike gets angry with the games console. Doyle tells Eve it is time for a change of plan. Back at the office Cordelia is watching one of the old commercials when Angel comes in.

Cordelia and Angel talk. She is unhappy about how Angel let Conner go to make the deal with Wolfram and Heart. Angel tells her about Spike. Cordelia tells him he needs to figure out who he is again. Cordelia almost lets it slip she was in love with Angel.

Elsewhere Doyle and Eve are getting intimate and he tells her the senior partners are starting to worry about Cordelia. Eve tells him Angel is the centre of his universe but he says she is. Cordelia and Wesley look through the books and try to find the symbols that Cordelia saw in her vision.

Cordelia talks to him about what previously happened with her. They find the symbols and are told that they are used to stay hidden. Doyle heads down into an underground room in the basement of the Wolfram and Heart offices. It is being monitored by lasers and cameras. He is able to pass through them due to his tattoos. Doyle kills the monster in the white coat that is monitoring the equipment.

Cordelia seems to be lost in Wolfram and Heart and Spike walks up and bites her. Angel comes in and kicks his ass. Spike tells Angel that Cordelia is evil. Once they have sorted it out, Spike says his bite was a taste test and that she is not evil. He tells them that ‘tattoo boy’ / Doyle (he mentions both names) told him Cordelia was evil.

In the office, Angel and Cordelia ask Eve to have a word with her. She says no but they grab her anywhere. They question her about who has the nerve to be using the name Doyle. Harmony comes in and tells them the whole building cleared out a few minutes ago. Meanwhile Doyle seems to be down in a science lab or something trying to wake a demon.

Gunn comes back in and tells them a code 7 went out just before the building cleared out. Harmony jumps on Eve and begins torturing her. Eve tells them that it was a failsafe to stop them in case they got out of control. They work out someone else must have activated it and that it must be Doyle. Spike mentions his hand getting chopped off and Angel works out that ‘Doyle’ is Lindsey.

Angel, Spike and Cordelia head down there but when they break the laser beam, zombies come out and attack them. Spike holds them off while Angel and Cordelia go to find Lindsey. Lindsey greats them and tells them they are great on time. Angel tries to punch him but Lindsey takes him out. He seals the room. Cordelia throws him a sword but Lindsey creates a sword. Angel tells Cordelia to go shut it down. They begin the sword fight.

Cordelia tries a button but gets shocked. Lindsey and Angel fight on. Angel is slowly getting beaten. They reminisce about the first time they met. But the floor starts to rise as if something is going to come out of the bottom. Meanwhile Lorne, Gunn, Wesley and Fred try to pull of a ritual. Lorne is not too happy when they need his blood.

Down below Angel and Lindsey continue to fight and deny physics in the process but Lindsey finally stabs him and kicks him of the ledge. Angel continues to fight on though and Cordelia manages to finally shut the failsafe down. Angel kicks Lindsey’s ass.

Cordelia gets Lindsey with the old epidermis gag while the ritual is preformed up in the offices and Lindsey’s tattoos are stripped off. Lindsey is summoned back through a portal by the senior partners. Later they are all convinced to go for a drink. They head down to the ground floor with Angel and Cordelia have a talk. Cordelia tells him she wishes she could be there at the end but she has to leave. She makes out with Angel.

They are interrupted by a phone call. Angel is told she is dead. When he looks round, she is gone.


Cordelia: “Lorne!”
Lorne: “Are you huggable?”

Spike: “Feel my wraith Gorilla throwing barrels!”

Cordelia: “I’ve slept enough for one lifetime”

Cordelia: “Ok, Spike’s a hero and you are CEO of hell incorporated”

Angel: “Harmony, guard Eve. Is she moves – eat her”

Angel: “I am not going to risk anyone I care about”
Spike: “I’ll go”
Angel “ok”

[ to Angel ]
Lindsey: “From champion to pathetic corporate puppet in just a few months

Angel: “Because you know what? I’m Angel! I beat the bad guys”


Like oh my god! I was epecting a special episode but what happened at the end. I mean shocking! I am worried its just end of show killing though.

Like X-Files where the Lone Gunmen died, Buffy Anya, and well I am not going to go on but most shows do it. I guess it offers more closure. But still - shocking.


This was the 100th episode of Angel. The original airdate was February 4th 2004.

The title 'You're Welcome' comes from the very end right before Angel turns away to answer the phone. Cordelia says 'oh and you're welcome.'